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Devanshi 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 7th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Devanshi 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Recap :
Devanshi pushes him. He holds her angrily and says listen to me silently, what will happen if some hair get cut, hair will come back, but the blame will get erased, its important, I m tired seeing them living in superstitions, I have to end this. Devanshi cries.

Devanshi 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Start with Vardaan asking Sakshi to come. She refuses and says I won’t get my hair cut. She hugs Devanshi. Devanshi calls Vardaan stone hearted and says I have belief in Maiyya, she won’t let anything happen. Kusum comes there with family. Vardaan says you all think Devanshi is chudail, you can go ahead and cut her hair. Sakshi refuses. Nutan says you have to get hair cut, sit. She makes Sakshi sit and gets scissors. She holds Sakshi’s hair. Devanshi stops them and asks them to see the tika on Sakshi’s forehead.

Kusum asks what’s special in this tika. Devanshi says its Maiyya’s tika, Sakshi applies it every morning, you all know Chudail stays away from Maiyya, Sakshi goes to temple every day, how can she be Chudail, Maiyya is with her, this tika won’t be erased. People

start talking. Nutan goes to wipe the tika. The ladies ask her not to wipe tika, else it will be like annoying Maiyya, its Maiyya’s tika.
Nutan does not listen and tries to wipe tika. Gopi asks what happened, why is tika not getting wiped. Nutan uses water and tries to wipe the tika. Gopi also tries. Sakshi says leave me. Devanshi stops them. She says tika did not get wiped, it means Maiyya is with my sister, leave us alone. She takes Sakshi. Kusum says I told you all, we should obey Maiyya’s decision and wait till that girl gets mentally fine. She leaves. Everyone go. Vardaan thinks. He goes to Devanshi and Sakshi. He asks how did tika not get wiped, don’t say its Maiyya’s miracle. Devanshi shows permanent marker and says Maiyya gave me this idea.

He says why are you giving credit to Maiyya, you should get credit. She asks what about your doing. He says I did that for Devanshi’s good, I want her to get fine soon, I m not able to see her state. Devanshi thinks what am I doing, I m playing with his emotions for my greed, I can’t cheat him, I will tell him the truth. She goes to say him. He asks what is it, tell me.

She is about to say. Sakshi says Vardana you are good to agree to Devanshi, will you leave me and go. She holds Vardaan’s hand. He says I will never leave you. She says if you go, I will give my life. He says don’t say that, I lost you once and can’t lose you again. She calls him good person and hugs him. Devanshi sees them. She thinks she has to sacrifice everything for Sakshi’s happiness and forget she is Vardaan’s Devanshi.

Kusum says how did tika not get wiped. Nutan says Devanshi started black magic again, this time her sister is with her. Kusum gets angry. Her hair pin falls. She finds tough to tie hair with one hand. She asks Nutan to leave her alone. Nutan and Gopi leave. Kusum shouts on her brither and asks him to go. Kusum’s brother asks Kusum not to treat him badly like Mohan. He says I m your elder brother. He angrily goes. She thinks of Mohan.

Devanshi says its wrong, Kusum is also believing such wrong things, when she is big Mata. Vardaan says she is worse than ordinary people. She sees him drinking and asks what’s this. He says wine. She asks how can he drink wine in her house. He says I m sitting outside, have wine. Sakshi comes and looks on. Devanshi takes bottle and throws. He scolds her. He says you are not my wife that I listen to you, don’t touch other bottle. He shows other bottle.

Devanshi asks him to leave it. He says leave it, its costly. She says its too much, you argue on everything, you are not Vardaan whom I knew. He says you did not know me well as Devanshi does. She says I know you well, because I m… She snatches it and tastes some wine. She says its not less than poison and goes.

Devanshi takes bath. Sakshi gets drunk and hugs Devanshi. She says I had drunk what Vardaan was drinking. Devanshi makes her sit and asks her to be quiet now. Sakshi faints. Devanshi says I will explain Vardaan. Vardaan dances outside. Devanshi goes to him. He holds Devanshi and dances with her on Badri ki dulhaniya…. She says I will make you dance today and throws water on him. She scolds him and says Sakshi has drunk wine from your bottle, if wine comes in this house again, I will not leave you. He gets angry and throws water on her. She slips over him. They fall down and have an eyelock. Piya…..plays………….. Nutan and everyone come there. Devanshi gets shocked.


Devanshi 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nutan tells Kusum about Vardaan and Devanshi. Vardaan takes Devanshi along to find Sakshi.

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