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Devanshi 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with lady telling about Devanshi taking her baby. Devanshi goes to strike the baby. Ishwar asks lady what nonsense is she saying about Devanshi. Vardaan asks are you mad, why will Devanshi do this. The man says we have proof, I was coming back from work, I have seen Devanshi entering the house like thief, I did this video recording. Mohan signs the man. Nutan asks Vardaan to see Devanshi. Vardaan says its seen Devanshi took the baby, but what’s proof that she is sacrificing the baby. Kusum says she won’t take baby to play at night. Nutan says Devanshi sacrificed the baby to get powers.

Ishwar says she can’t do this. Gopi says its seen in video. Kusum says I would have not given my throne to greedy hands. Vardaan says this is wrong, Devanshi can’t do this. Kusum asks why did she disappear then, if she sacrifices baby, none will forgive her.

Devanshi comes with baby. Kusum asks why did you steal the baby. Devanshi says Maiyya has sent me to save the baby from troubles, see its all fine now. Ishwar and everyone smile. Devanshi recalls coming to senses on seeing Maiyya’s locket in baby’s neck. She fails to kill the baby and gets back by Maiyya’s forces. She realizes the situation and sees the baby crying. She hugs the baby. She thinks what happened to me, what was I doing here. FB ends.

Vardaan says you should have told me once, I was mad in anger. The lady apologizes. Devanshi says any mum would have reacted such way, maiyya will end all troubles. She chants maiyya’s name. Ishwar asks them not to talk about Devanshi mata now. Devanshi thinks if Maiyya did not stop me today, I would have done a big sin, thanks Maiyya.

Devanshi tells Ishwar how did this happen, a woman came to me and made me eat laddoo. FB shows woman giving laddoos to Devanshi, saying she is poor and can just get laddoos. Devanshi says I will surely have this, I like laddoos, thanks. The woman goes. Kusum looks on. FB ends. Devanshi says there was something in that laddoo, Kusum has done this. Ishwar says fine, but what will you do now.

She says just see what I do tomorrow. Vardaan comes there. He asks why did you run again, I was so worried. She says forgive me, I accept your anger is justified. He says I don’t stay angry with you for long. They smile. Ishwar asks them to rest now, the night was tough for Devanshi. Devanshi thinks coming day will be tough for someone. Its morning, Devanshi tells everyone that Kusum came to her room in morning. Kusum thinks what is she doing, when did I meet her. Devanshi says she was worried for Vardaan, I explained her nothing can happen to Vardaan, she calmed down but decided, that Mohan will spend his life in taking care of Vardaan.

They all get shocked. Devanshi says Kusum said another thing too, she decided to retire from temple duties, she will be away from devotees, anyone has to inform me to pass message to Kusum. They all get shocked. Devanshi says I know her decision is wrong, it can affect many devotees, but we have to accept it. They all chant Kusum’s name. Everyone leave.

Devanshi says darbar ended, you are still here. Kusum shouts and falls down. Devanshi asks her to be careful. She says you go and tell your crimes to villagers, from killing Vardaan’s mum, my parents to fooling villagers.

She recalls Kusum’s crimes and says law will decide about your crimes, villagers will decide your fate. Kusum holds her neck to kill her. Devanshi stops her and recalls her parents’ murder. She says even I wish to kill you, but I m not like you, you have 15 mins to decide, either accept crimes or stay in one room forever as sanyasi. Kusum says I won’t agree, I m not your servant. Devanshi shows her the clock.


Devanshi 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi says 15mins got over, come. Ishwar and Devanshi tie up Kusum.

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