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Devanshi 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum telling her plan to Vardaan. He says I will prove Kalki is my daughter, Devanshi loves her and I will get entry in that house, then I will call you too. He asks her to come to point. She asks him to give her money. He says don’t think of that, I will use that money to make Devanshi lose, court order will come soon, forget this money. Devanshi asks what happened. Gopi says its a big news, that book having solutions to fight evil, got missing. Maya smiles. Devanshi asks what will we do now. He says I don’t know. Maya thinks they can’t save Kalki now. He says Kukarmi Devi will take Maiyya’s place, we were little children. Ishwar used to tell us about Navratri. Devanshi says you would know how Ishwar did this. He says I don’t remember.

She says we have to stay alert and see whom she targets now, Kusum is saying Kaki is her daughter, how can this happen, she will get proof, why is she doing this knowing she will get defamed, I think its some big plan. He asks her not to worry.

Kusum tells everyone that she is Kalki’s mum, why will I lie. Devanshi asks is your emotional drama over, tell us who is Kalki’s dad. Kusum says I can’t say this. Devanshi says you are lying, you have no proof. Kusum says I knew you will ask proof, so I got proof, She calls the doctor. Devanshi thinks Pavan went to meet this doctor. Kusum says I did my delivery at his clinic and gave my wrong name. Devanshi recalls. Kusum says I gave my daughter to this lady Nirmala, ask her. Devanshi says I know you gave them money and bought them. Kusum asks do you think I m lying. Devanshi says yes, you are lying, Pavan went to meet doctor. Doctor says I m real Dr. Bhatt. Kalki comes and hugs Nirmala. She says she has taken much care of me when I was in orphanage. Devanshi gets shocked. Kalki asks Kusum is she really her mum.

Kusum says yes, I m your real mum. Kusum says I m saying truth. Doctor says I met Pavan and told him entire truth. Devanshi gets doctor’s pic with Pavan’s message. Pavan writes Kalki is Kusum’s daughter.

Devanshi calls him and couldn’t connect. She says I have another number in diary. Kusum acts good and hugs Kalki. Gopi says Kusum is saying true. Devanshi says no, Kusum bought them. Gopi says but Pavan is saying true.

She gets Pavan’s call and asks how can you say Kalki is Kusum’s daughter. Pavan says you have to give Kalki to her, control your emotions, you won’t do anything till I come back. She asks him to come back soon. Maya smiles and talks as Pavan. She says Pavan will never come back, I have sent those messages to you, I will make you weak, your relation with Pavan will end and he will die in dark room. Gopi says why didn’t we know this, who is Kalki’s dad. Devanshi says I will not Kusum do anything.

Kusum asks Maya why did she help her, whats her benefit. Maya says I have helped myself, I can do anything to fail Devanshi,if we get together, we can throw Devanshi away. Kusum agrees. Maya says you want to make Kalki sit on Maiyya’s throne, this will be Devanshi’s failure. Kusum says Kalki just listens to Devanshi. Maya says now on, she will just listen to you, feed these sweets to her. She tells about her trick. Kusum smiles.

Devanshi asks Nutan why did you let Kusum take Kalki. Nutan argues. She taunts that Devanshi couldn’t become mum ever. Gopi gets angry. Devanshi says I couldn’t become mum, But I have given birth to a baby, Kusum is using Kalki for her motive, she doesn’t love Kalki, I will not believe Kusum till DNA reports come. She goes to Kusum and sees Kalki asleep. She says Kalki can’t be your daughter. Kalki wakes up and says Kusum is my mummy, I got her now, mum can’t use child. Kusum asks Devanshi to see, own blood is own. Devanshi thinks I won’t let you use Kalki, I know what to do to make Kalki away.


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