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Devanshi 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Vardaan to make the culprit wear the slipper garlands, she wants the culprit to get punished. Pavan asks why these bangles. Devanshi says its for Vardaan, he is a man and could not save his wife, Vardaan will wear the bangles when he finds the culprit. Pavan says great. She asks Vardaan to think if he accepts her conditions. Vardaan says I m ready to punish myself if its proved that I m wrong, I wish I could take time back, when Devanshi needed me, the situation would have not been this, my life slipped from my hands, I could not do anything. She says enough, tell me what to do.

Vardaan says you have to become Devanshi to catch the culprit, you have to learn how Devanshi used to talk and behave, then I will get you home as Devanshi, I will train you at night. Pavan asks can’t you train her in daytime. Vardaan says enemy is at home, our plan can fail. He says I need you Kalki ki to erase the stains on Devanshi’s name, please help me. She agrees and says I will do whatever I can. Pavan looks at her. Vardaan thanks her and goes.

Pavan confronts Devanshi. She says I know you did big favor on me, I can’t repay it, I request you not to force your decisions on me, I know Vardaan’s tears are true or fake. She goes. Kusum cuts vegs and is irritated. Nutan comes and annoys her. She says Kalki ji does not like such vegs, I think your dream won’t be fulfilled. Kusum says if Vardaan gets Devanshi and accepts her, he will kick you out too. Nutan asks what will you do, you would be planning something too. Kusum gives Devanshi’s pics to goons and asks them to find Devanshi.

Vardaan gives Devanshi’s pic and tells about her. Pavan asks her to pass salt. She gives him salt. Pavan asks for water. She goes and gives him water. Pavan interrupts again and asks where is my lassi. Vardaan asks why are you troubling her again and again. Devanshi asks him to talk to her husband well, if he has problem, he can leave. Vardaan says sorry, my Devanshi was different, she had long hair, she used to worship Maiyya and liked laddoos a lot. Pavan says my wife won’t have laddoo, if she gets diabetes. She stops Pavan and eats laddoo. She says its too sweet, anyway, I will have it and do everything you say, I will do this acting just for one day.

Vardaan says I got some wig options, can I try on you. She asks why, my husband is here, he will try. Kusum says I don’t want Vardaan’s trust to break. She asks Mohan to say something to them. Mohan makes her request. She says please Mohan. Mohan asks the men to listen to him, they have to find Devanshi, check in every hospital, go by excuse of donation, its Janmashtami occasion, don’t go together, and keep us updated.

Pavan gets Devanshi with the wig on. Vardaan recalls Devanshi. She asks him to say what to do. He asks her to change her talking, Devanshi used to talk in a soft manner, with respect, walk slow. She says I can’t walk like that. She slips. He holds her. Piya re….plays…. Pavan gets angry seeing them.

He breaks the glass and gets hurt. She sees Pavan’s bleeding hand and does aid. Vardaan looks on. She asks what were you doing with glass. He says everything is weak in this house as glass, Vardaan could not trust his wife. Its morning, Kusum asks Nutan to give money for Janmashtami puja. Nutaan agrees. Kusum asks are you getting your name written on notes. Nutan says stop thinking I m fool, you think villagers will praise you when I give money, I m doing what you used to do. Mohan and Vardaan come. Vardaan says I have a big news, I got to know about Devanshi, I m bringing her home tomorrow. Kusum and Mohan get shocked. Nutan says its Janmashtami tomorrow, why are you getting her home, she has hurt us a lot, we all were insulted. Vardaan says maybe truth is something else, we should give her a chance to prove her innocence, Janmashtami is best day to decide truth and lie. Gopi agrees. Vardaan goes. Mohan says our men could not find her, we can just know about Devanshi by Vardaan.

Vardaan gives clothes to Devanshi. He hears someone coming and hides. Pavan comes there and sees the things. She asks Vardaan to come out, its Pavan. Pavan shuts the door and asks Vardaan’s real plan. Vardaan says I will tell different timings to everyone, culprit will attack on Kalki, we will catch that person and punish. Kusum walks in corridor.

Devanshi asks will we keep an eye on Kusum too. Vardaan says no, its not needed, mum can’t do this, I can doubt on myself, not her. Kusum stops. Devanshi thinks I will bring Kusum’s truth. She says I will do this if Kusum is also in scanner. Vardaan agrees. Kusum opens a door. Pavan, Devanshi and Vardaan turn and see none. Vardaan says thank God, it was just wind.


Devanshi 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum scolds Devanshi for insulting Maiyya. She says this girl’s Vastra haran will be done in this temple. Mohan pulls Devanshi’s saree.