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Devanshi 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan hitting the punching bag and thinking of Ishwar’s words. He says I will not recall you Devanshi, none can stop me from marrying Menka. Menka asks Kusum did she not know Kalki is helping Gopi, she is snatching everyone. She asks Kusum what’s her problem if Vardaan is ready for marriage. Kusum says your and Golu’s divorce did not happen yet. Menka says I will tell your truth to Vardaan. Kusum asks her to make announcement. She asks her to keep her ticket, as she is getting lottery, Vardaan just listens to me. Nutan comes and says don’t drag Golu in this. Kusum says divorce did not happen. Nutan says who are you to say, divorce has happened, there is no relation now, get Menka married to Vardaan, you are not any Mata now.

Devanshi comes and asks them to stop shouting. She says I m giving last warning, its imp day for my Swayamvar, I don’t want any mess. Kusum says sorry, but the guys are not good, there is no match. Devanshi says I know your choice, so better you keep your mouth shut. She goes. Kusum thinks how to get Vardaan married to Kalki, I have to stop Swayamvar, I need Mohan’s help. She gets dressed up and waits for Mohan. Devanshi collides with her and asks are you mad, why are you in tension, are you waiting for someone. Kusum says no.

Devanshi says you are finding your lover Mohan, we are friends, I felt two love birds got separated because of me, I decided I will unite you two, I know where is Mohan, I can take you there. Kusum thinks how will I go out in these clothes. Devanshi and Kusum leave. Kusum asks where did you get me. Devanshi says you are reacting as if you don’t know, I know all wine shops are run by you, I will not tell this to Vardaan. Kusum asks is Mohan here, I can’t believe this. Devanshi says he is here with Champakali, I heard the girl is hot, you both cheat each other and still love. Kusum says there is nothing like that. Devanshi asks her to cover her face. Kusum thinks I have to take Mohan’s help and know Kalki’s plan. A man holds Kusum’s hand. Kusum scolds him. The man says I think she is old. Devanshi laughs.

She says you made this place and you got insulted here, so sad. Kusum thinks Mohan is responsible for this. Mohan is with some girl and says if Kusum can cheat me, I can cheat her too. Kusum and Devanshi come there. Mohan asks the girl to leave them alone for some time. Devanshi says I will take a leave, I united you two, sort it out now. She goes. Kusum scolds Mohan. He asks how did she go with a stranger. She says I won’t give you an explanation. He says you came for some work, you need my help. She asks him not to fight, they can get money, they have to stop Kalki’s marriage with someone else. He says I won’t come, I loved you, you cheated me, I can be Kalki’s servant. He goes. Kusum says I don’t know what that girl is going to do in final round.

Swayamvar begins. Devanshi says I will announce the one whom I can believe completely. She asks the men to shoot and break the little glass kept at her head, keeping her safe. They all get shocked. Some men say they can’t do it. A guy takes the gun. Kusum thinks to do something. She goes. Devanshi asks the man to shoot. Kusum aims at Devanshi. The guy’s hand shakes. Kusum thinks I know what to do. They shoot. Everyone gets shocked seeing the fire. Gopi asks them to get water. Kusum thinks I got to know her plan and kept gun powder here, now I will send Vardaan to save Kalki, he will become hero, I will get their marriage done.


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