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Devanshi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi thinking Kusum stayed in front of my eyes as Bua, I could not identify her. She clicks her pic and prays. She says Kusum would have stolen money and leaves. Menka sees Devanshi and thinks she got to know truth. Devanshi tells Mohan that Kusum is the Bua, I got to know truth. He gets shocked. She says I will expose Kusum so I came to you. He says I m not with them. She says I know, so I came to ask your help, I know you changed just you can help me, you know Kusum and her weakness well. He says I can’t believe Kusum is Bua. She says we will expose her truth. He says just command me what shall I do. Ishwar calls her out. She says no one should know this, this should just be between us, I don’t want Kusum to know this. He says fine, just tell me your plans, I m with you. She thanks him and goes.

He thinks Devanshi is clever, she found truth, she did mistake to tell this to me. Vardaan sees Sumit. He asks what were you doing. Sumit says Mansi cheated me, I want to die. Vardaan asks are you mad, till you can’t give life to someone, you can’t take your life. Sumit says Mansi had an affair, I don’t know if its my daughter, so I decided to commit suicide. Vardaan says enough, suicide is not the solution, punish your wife or that man, they did mistake. Sumit says its easy to say, none can share my pain, think if this happened with you. Vardaan thinks Devanshi will never do this, I can’t imagine this.

Ishwar asks what, Bua is Kusum. Devanshi says yes, I took Menka there when Kusum came. He says Kusum is very clever. She says yes, she fooled us, she stayed in front of us, we did not know her. He asks why did you tell this to Mohan, he is Kusum’s crime partner, I think Mohan knows about her. Devanshi says I know, so I told him, so that Kusum knows this, she will take such step which she shouldn’t, I m waiting for this.

Mohan tries calling Kusum. He says I have to keep an eye on Devanshi. Devanshi comes to Vardaan and says I have to tell you something, I know you are angry, I left from hospital, but your anger will end, you will get mad by happiness, you guess, you will get three chances. She hugs him and asks what happened to him, I want to give you world’s biggest happiness, someone will call you Papa soon. Vardaan smiles. Piya re….plays…. Devanshi says someone will call me mum. He asks what, you did late to tell this. He lifts her happily and smiles. He thanks her. Devanshi imagines this and smiles.

She sees the little shoes and says when Vardaan knows he is going to become dad, he will get happy. Mohan hears her and hides. He thinks you wanted to trap Kusum, see how I trap you, I will turn your happiness into destruction. Menka looks for Mohan. Mohan asks what happened. She says Devanshi got to know about Kusum. He says yes, she told me. She says Devanshi did Kusum’s recording and is going to expose her. He says I will stop her, I will manage Devanshi, you manage Vardaan. He tells the plan.

Vardaan is on the way and thinks Devanshi is careless, she would have gone for temple work, she can fall in some trouble. Menka sees him and walks in front of his car. He sees her and applies brakes. She falls down. He asks did you get hurt. She says I got hurt. He asks where were you going in hurry. She says I was going to book my ticket, will you drop you. He asks her to come.

He drops her. She thanks him. She acts to be hurt and asks him to help her. He helps her. A man meets Devanshi and says Devanshi booked two tickets, she did not come to take, you take it. Vardaan says no, why will she go. Menka says maybe she wants to go out with you and give surprise. Vardaan thinks she is not well, we can’t travel. He comes home and looks for Devanshi. Mohan comes and asks are you finding Devanshi. Vardaan says yes.

Mohan says I feel bad to say this, she lied that day also. Vardaan asks him to say clearly. Mohan says Devanshi is behaving strange, she disappears and lies, I wish reason is good, else it maybe something we are not thinking, is everything fine between you two, when woman lies to husband, society doubts on woman’s character, woman’s nature and person’s fate, Lord also does not know, you understand right. Vardaan gets angry and slaps him. He asks how dare you point at Devanshi’s character, I will kill you. He suffocates Mohan’s neck.

Mohan comes downstairs and says I got saved somehow. Devanshi says I was finding you, I made plan to catch Kusum, I got to know where she is hiding, police will reach her, the money will also be found, we will find who is involved with her. He says you should have told me once. She says police will find everything, I will just come. She goes. He says I knew Devanshi will do this, I have to hide money. Ishwar and Devanshi look on. He says Mohan will take us to Kusum and money.


Devanshi 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mohan hears police siren and says I will burn money. Devanshi says I will expose your truth.