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Devanshi 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

The Episode starts with everyone staring at Vardaan and Devanshi. The lady taunts Devanshi. Vardaan says your times ended many years before, look after your home, not others. Devanshi tries to clarify. He says no need to explain them, they are living in superstitions, their brains have become stones. Nutan asks him to come home, and not dance on the two sister’s fingers. Vardaan asks Nutan to go. Kusum’s brother argues. Vardaan reminds him how he tied him at night. He asks everyone to leave. Vardaan goes inside the house. Devanshi looks on.

Vardaan thanks the man for electricity work. He asks how much shall I pay you. The man says no need, its like family, don’t stay here, its not good. Vardaan asks the girl not to get food for him today. The man asks did you feel bad, don’t refuse to my daughter, she will cook food and get it. Vardaan agrees. They leave. Devanshi calls Vardaan shameless. He says now Devanshi will sleep in fan air. The power goes. She starts laughing and says such things happen with oversmart people, see how I make the electricity fine without cheating anyone.

Nutan tells Kusum that Vardaan and Devanshi were close, they were drenched, they left all shame we did not like seeing them that way. The people ask Kusum to control Vardaan, he is our coming future, do something. Nutan says think if Vardaan marries one of them, we have to accept the girl as our bahu. Kusum imagines Vardaan marrying one of Sakshi and Devanshi. Kusum thinks I won’t let this happen.

Devanshi checks power box. She throws something back and it hurts Kaka. Kaka taunts her. Vardaan says leave it. Kaka says you are Kusum’s son, no one can trouble me. Vardaan says we apologized, go now. Devanshi apologizes. Kaka leaves. Devanshi asks who is this Kaka. Vardaan says he is living here since some years, he does not like talking to others. Devanshi switches on lights. Vardaan says you did amazing work. Devanshi says none can fool me, I have managed all things alone all these years. She goes. Vardaan says she did one thing and said all that. Sakshi laughs.

Kusum tells her brother that Devanshi is doing all this. Servant gives her wedding invitation from a villager’s house. Kusum gets an idea and tells her brother that she got a chance to see Devanshi. Its night, Devanshi sees Vardaan praising the girl’s culinary skills. She says everyone can cook, tell me who can repair handpump, and fixing gas cylinder, does anyone know putting power fuse, who earns money. The girl says its man’s work. Devanshi says your fav man does not know anything. Vardaan says leave them, I fold hands, don’t get in this matter. The girl says I will get Vardaan’s fav breakfast in morning. The girls leave.

Vardana asks Devanshi what’s her problem to ruin his hardwork. Sakshi says Sakshi is bachchi… and jumps. Devanshi asks who taught this to you. Sakshi says Vardaan said this to you. Devanshi catches Vardaan. She makes Sakshi sit and scolds Vardaan. He says I just said once, she grasped the words. Devanshi says its my mistake to allow you to stay here. Vardaan asks Sakshi not to say this, its wrong. Devanshi gets a box, and says when you do mistake, you will out 50rs in this pot. He says greedy woman, so cheap. She says yes, I don’t regret for this, put 50rs in this. Sakshi says its for visiting the sea right. Devanshi says yes, he will do many mistakes and our pot will get full easily. Vardaan puts 50rs in the pot.

He asks what different moneybank pots did you make. Devanshi says there are many pots for everything. She gets sad and keeps the pot. Vardaan sees many pots. She shows the pots for house expenses, for Sakshi’s things, for sightseeing, for Sakshi’s treatment. She says you will not understand, there is no one with me to manage Sakshi’s expenses.

Vardaan says amazing, who will say this girl was so foolish in childhood and now…. He sees Sakshi and asks do you want to see sea. She says yes. He smiles. Devanshi pinches herself and feels sorry to lie to Vardaan.

Its morning, Vardaan and Sakshi play. He catches her. She asks him to count till 10 and then find her. She blindfolds him. She runs. Devanshi comes there and dries hair. He holds Devanshi and says I caught you, now your turn, tell me. She removes the blindfold. He sees her. Piya …..plays………… They have an eyelock.


Devanshi 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Devanshi looks for Sakshi and tells Vardaan. Vardaan asks Devanshi to come with his Jaaneman. Devanshi asks him to go with his Jaaneman. A man catches Devanshi. She asks him to leave her. Vardaan comes there. Devanshi gets glad seeing him.


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