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Devanshi 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan getting annoyed with Devanshi for keeping Mohan as his servant, whom he hates so much. She says I did this intentionally, now Mohan can’t hurt you, I did this to save you. He says you are becoming like Kusum by sitting on throne. She says its for doing good for this village, I want to make Kusum away. He says they ave blind belief, nothing will change. She says everything will change, I just want 5 days to end this blind faith, just Maiyya can do good to us. Kusum says Devanshi gave me 15 mins, either to accept crimes or stay locked in room. Her slipper breaks. Mohan laughs on her.

She says Devanshi played this game, if anything happens to Vardaan, we will be gone, we have to think something. Nutan comes there and says Devanshi is calling you.. Kusum asks her did she start this too. Nutan says you will be locking yourself in a room, think what will happen of this house. Kusum says I know you very well. She goes.

Kusum asks what’s the matter. Devanshi says 15 mins are over, what did you think. Kusum says I gave you answer yesterday, I took 15mins to think how you are trying to fly ahead of me today. Devanshi asks her to come, her room is waiting. Kusum sees her room turned simple. Devanshi asks her to live a simple life of a sanyasi now. Ishwar says we did special arrangements for your dhyaan.

He gets the rope. Kusum shouts to Nutan. Devanshi and Ishwar tie up Kusum. Devanshi says we will trouble you to make you know Ishwar’s pain. Ishwar says you should understand the pain. Ishwar recalls Kusum’s words. He says there can’t be better punishment than this for Kusum. Kusum hears them. Devanshi says Vardaan is not with me, just you are standing with me. He says I m always with you. She takes his blessings. Nutan comes to call Devanshi.

Devanshi goes. The lady comes and complains about Vardaan. She asks Devanshi to punish Vardaan and get justice for her. Devanshi says if I punish Vardaan, your problem won’t be solved, Vardaan is not responsible for this, he is not involved in this accident. The lady says you proved you are trying to save your husband. Devanshi says I won’t do injustice with anyone, someone framed Vardaan in this. Vardaan gets shocked. She says I will find the culprit in 24 hours, don’t worry, your daughter’s marriage won’t have any problem, its my promise. Shikhar asks who is behind this accident. Gopi asks her to say name once. She says I won’t leave him, wait for 24 hours and then see what I do.

Mohan thinks did my plan fail. He meets someone at night and gives money, asking the person not to get tensed, Devanshi does not know anything. He hears someone and sends the person. Devanshi looks around and sees Shikhar.

Shikhar asks what are you doing in backyard, what happened. She says nothing, I saw someone here, so I came to see. He says I m here since much time, I did not see anyone. She asks him to go. He goes and smiles. She sees the footprints. She says this matches with that photo, that person is a family member. She sees Gopi rehearing and checks his shoes. She then sees Golu and his shoes. Shikhar comes there. He says I m tension free seeing Devanshi, I will go and sleep. Devanshi looks at his shoes. Nutan says so much dirt. She calls servant to clean it. Nutan acts good to Devanshi. Gopi says we will manage everything. Devanshi thinks it means I doubt Gopi, Golu and Shikhar, I have promised to find culprit, how will I know who is the culprit.


Devanshi 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ishwar and Devanshi find the real culprit, who wanted to trap Vardaan. Devanshi tells everyone that Kusum wants to stay as Sevika. Kusum does the household work.

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