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Devanshi 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Kusum to come with her. Kusum agrees. Devanshi gets the hair sample from comb. Nutan says I think everything has to be done by Devanshi’s permission. Maya shows her a big gold necklace and says this is for you. Nutan thinks why is Maya giving this to me. She asks why. Maya says my Jyotshi asked me to donate gold for prosperity. She reads Nutan’s mind and compliments her. She says I read face, gold is good for you, don’t tell this to anyone. Nutan says yes. She acts good to Nutan and fools her. She thinks I will make Nutan trapped in greed.

Kusum and Kalki come with Devanshi. Kusum says Devanshi got me home, I was not coming. Nutan asks Devanshi why did she get Kusum. Maya says so what, you should be happy that Devanshi did this for Kalki, he loves Kalki a lot. Devanshi asks Kusum to take Kalki to her room. Kusum asks her to advice less.

Maya says you can’t save Kalki always. Devanshi says I will always save her, you see. Maya says we will see. Devanshi talks to doctor. He says Kalki is healthy, don’t know how she got high fever. Devanshi asks him to help her, he has Kalki’s blood sample, but she has to get DNA match done with this hair sample, to know the relation. He agrees. She thinks very soon Kusum’s truth will be out soon.

Its morning, Kusum makes a story and tells all the ladies about her big sacrifice to keep her daughter away for 9 years. Kusum makes story and says kalki is Maiyya’s ansh, you all have see her coming out of hundi, she walked on glass and her feet didn’t bleed, I m big sinner and should be punished, but maybe I did something good that Kalki took birth from my womb. She starts doing her drama. Maya smiles and says Kusum is saying right, I m with her, I m believing her, won’t you all believe her, you all have seen Kalki’s miracles, you all have to make someone sit on throne else disaster will happen. Kusum smiles.

Nutan says yes Maya, I m getting Kalki to temple. She sees Gopi having a necklace and says you got this for me. He says no, I got this for Devanshi. She says it will suit me a lot, think, give me. He says leave it, its for Devanshi, leave this greed. Devanshi asks Kalki who gave her sweets. Nutan says Kusum gave it to her. Devanshi asks her not to have it. Kalki scolds her.

Nutan says none can take mum’s place, she got her real mum. Gopi asks what happened to Kalki. She says don’t know, Kusum is teaching this to her, I will save Kalki from Kusum. Everyone comes in temple. Kalki hugs Kusum. Kusum asks ladies are they sure that Kalki is her daughter, Maiyya has sent Kalki when Devanshi has turned Nastik. Maya says Kalki is innocent, she has no reason to cheat you all.

Kusum says when Kalki is loving me, it means Lord has forgiven me, after 3 days, when Navratri kalash is place, Kalki will be made to sit on throne. Devanshi shouts stop and comes with police. She says your dream will be dream Kusum, you are torturing Kalki, this is a crime, we won’t let this happen. Kalki shouts Devanshi and throws a coconut at her forehead. Devanshi gets hurt. Gopi and everyone get shocked. Kalki scolds Devanshi. Maya asks Maiyya to see she has made Kalki against Devanshi. Kalki complains about Devanshi and asks inspector to take her. Devanshi says Kusum is lying, she is not your mum. Kusum asks her to stop it. Doctor comes there. Devanshi asks did reports come, say everyone Kalki is not Kusum’s daughter. She checks reports and gets shocked seeing it. He says its true, Kalki is Kusum’s daughter. Maya smiles.


Devanshi 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum asks Kalki to sit on Maiyya throne and bless everyone. Devanshi says last time Kalki was angry, this time she doesn’t want to see me, how will we save her. Kalki gets ready as Mata. Devanshi sees her.

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