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Devanshi 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 9th April 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Devanshi and everyone taking Kusum to public toilets. Kusum thinks Devanshi is doing all this. Devanshi thinks you gave a shock to Ishwar, so bear this shock. She gives a mop to Kusum. She asks her to start cleaning. Devanshi asks Kusum to go and clean. Kusum gets dizzy by the bad smell. Devanshi smiles. Kusum cleans the bathroom. Devanshi chants her name. She asks the women to clean house and locality, take ill kids to doctor, why to burden Kusum. Kusum looks at her.

Its night, Ishwar laughs seeing the video of Kusum cleaning bathroom. He asks how do you get such ideas. Devanshi says when enemy is clever, we have to think like them to fail them. Ishwar says I m seeing the same fire in your eyes, which I saw many years back. She says old Devanshi came back as you came back.

He laughs. Vardaan comes and asks what’s the matter, your faces are glowing. She says its our secret. Ishwar says yes, its right. Vardaan says I m your son, you love her more. She says I m special to him. They start arguing.

Ishwar stops them and says its your love fight. He wishes their love to be always same, and Kusum’s black shadow should not fall on them. He hugs them. Kusum asks the maids to clean her feet well, the bad smell is not going. She asks her to get good perfume for her, send someone to city. Nutan says shops will be closed. Kusum says that’s not my problem, just get it. Nutan goes. Kusum sends the maids. She says you succeeded to fail me, you will pay the price for this soon Devanshi.

Someone goes to the temple at night. Kusum takes bath. She checks her hands, if its still stinking and asks maids what’s this, you are lying to save yourself. Nutan comes and says someone has seen Devanshi going to temple, why would she go there. Kusum thinks she is going to invite bad time and problems.

Devanshi takes the jewelry from Maiyya’s idol. She wears the jewelry. Servant sees her and gets shocked. Kusum asks where is Devanshi. Kattadhari says I will say, she is in temple, she is stealing Maiyya’s jewelry. Vardaan scolds him. Kattadhari says if you don’t believe me, come and see by your eyes. Vardaan says come, if its a lie, then I will throw you out of village. Kattadhari says I will leave this village myself, come.

Devanshi leaves from temple. Everyone come there and see her with Maiyya’s jewelry. Ishwar and Vardaan ask Devanshi to answer everyone, what is she doing. Kattadhari says she has no answer. Vardaan asks her to say and moves her angrily. She comes out of hypnotism and sees everyone. She sees the jewelry she is wearing and asks what’s all this.

Kusum asks what’s happening, I can’t believe what I m seeing, I accepted her as Maiyya’s ansh, why did she do this sin. The ladies say she has done big sin, she should be punished. Devanshi worries. Vardaan says I m sure she can’t do anything wrong. He asks her to say, did she do this to save jewelry from anyone else. She says I really don’t know why I have worn all this jewelry. Kattadhari says Vardaan don’t try to prove her innocent, Devanshi you give some good reason, you have to bear punishment. The people get angry. Kusum sees Devanshi, and thinks you can’t get saved by my plan.


Devanshi 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi makes Kusum drunk and dance. Kusum dances wearing a short dress. Main hoton se lagai to……plays…………. The people say what happened to Mata Kusum.

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