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Devanshi 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum looking for Vardaan. He asks Devanshi not to worry, her safety is his responsibility. He goes to his room. He sees Kusum. She asks him about Devanshi. She thinks he can get trapped and tell truth. He says its better if you don’t ask, we will talk once Devanshi comes home. She thinks how did he get clever to refuse me. She says I will come along to get her, when are you getting her. He says 12. She thinks to do something. She says fine, and goes. He says I told wrong time to mum too, anyways mum is innocent, it does not matter.

Pavan hits punching bag. Devanshi asks him to stop it, he is not a superhero. She scolds him when he gets hurt. He smiles and asks her to scold him. She says its impossible to understand you. He says even you are same to same, you are blindly believing Vardaan’s plan, he is sincere, what if he fails. She says I have plan B ready. Vardaan says I m getting Devanshi at 2. Gopi and Nutan say they will do preparations to welcome Devanshi. She says maybe Devanshi was innocent. Vardaan says thanks and goes. He thinks I told different timings to everyone, so that culprit attacks Kalki and gets caught.

Devanshi says I will make Kusum have Dhatura pickle, she will speak all truth, I will have mic, there are loud speakers in temple, everyone will hear it, you have to set this sound system, we have to make sure no mistake happens, Kusum’s truth has to come out in front of Vardaan. Its night, Pavan says I will check systems and call you. Devanshi says I have kept my mic on. Pavan fixes the wires. Vardaan comes to Devanshi and thanks her for help.

Pavan hears their conversation. Devanshi asks Vardaan how will you react if Devanshi comes in front of you. He says I will apologize to her, I was mad to not believe her, I loved her more than my life, she was my world, doubt ruined everything. I also want her to be alive, I will always love her, I want her to come in front of me, she will never accept me, but I can apologize to her. She says maybe she comes back. Pavan gets angry. She says you should never leave hope. Pavan shouts shut up Kalki, Devanshi can never come back, she is dead, she can’t become alive. He removes all the wires and throws the systems. He says if Kusum’s truth comes out, maybe Devanshi brings her truth out, I will not let her return to Vardaan. He shouts in anger.

Pavan comes to some room and says did you remember this room, this photos, I helped you walk, I fed you food, this is your birthday cake, we celebrated your birthday, you were so happy, I made this marriage mandap thinking we will marry one day, even after all this, how can you become of someone else, I thought to make lovely memories with you, I came much ahead, I will not go back, I will kill anyone to get you, I will not let anyone snatch you from me.

Its morning, Nutan argues with Gopi. Devanshi comes and asks did you see Pavan, he did not come home since night. Pavan comes. She says I was in tension. Nutan says we will go temple, its husband and wife matter. They go. Devanshi asks Pavan why did he not message. He says I have set everything, happy now. He sees Vardaan coming and hugs her. Vardaan says I had to talk to you. She goes with him. He says I was going, so that family thinks I m going to take Devanshi. She says I think you should go to temple. She thinks to make him know Kusum’s truth. She says its big day for you, won’t you take Maiyya’s blessings. He says fine, be ready to become Devanshi. She says I m Devanshi. He gets shocked and asks what. She smiles and says I m playing Devanshi’s character for a day, you tell me are you ready, you need strength, you will know who is the culprit in your family, I think this truth will change you and your thinking, maybe you don’t remain like earlier, I before. He thinks she talks like she knows a lot about me, strange. Vardaan comes to temple.

Gopi says Devanshi is coming back, we are happy. Pavan comes and sees arrangements. He calls Devanshi and says everyone has come, you can come now. He goes. Vardaan thinks game will start now, I hope Kalki ji is ready. Devanshi sees Kusum eating food, and recalls her tortures. She wishes good luck to Kusum and says truth will come out, Devanshi is coming back. Kusum says when I have someone rich like you, I mean pretty bahu, why do I care. Devanshi says if old bahu is coming back, we can’t become Saas bahu, we can have lunch together. She says this is my fav pickle, you taste it. She gives her pickle. Kusum eats the pickle and says its great. She says I wish Devanshi doesn’t come back, I want to see you as my bahu. She goes. Devanshi thinks the pickle will show effect, you will say truth and my revenge will be completed.


Devanshi 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum scolds Devanshi for insulting Maiyya. She says this girl’s Vastra haran will be done in this temple. Mohan pulls Devanshi’s saree.

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