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Devanshi 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi telling her plan to Mohan. He gets worried. He says I have to hide the money, else I will be caught. Ishwar says its happening as you thought, Mohan will take us to money and Kusum. Mohan calls Kusum and says they got to know, don’t worry for money. He gets the money bag. He hears police siren and thinks to burn money. Devanshi stops him. He gets shocked. She says I just trust once, I knew you are with Kusum, so I used you as bait to catch the fish like Kusum, tell her she can’t get saved, Ishwar took police to find her. She asks him not to act smart, I have video recording, I will expose you during maha aarti and also expose Kusum.

She gets Mohan to sabha and says the money is here. She says here is the money and thief, Mohan, you will be shocked knowing real thief, the real culprit is…. She sees Bua coming. Devanshi says its good you came in front of own, your time to get saved is over, you should accept your crime now, she is Menka’s Bua, the truth is Kusum is cheating us as Bua. They all get shocked seeing Kusum.

Kusum says I have told them my truth before itself, I told them Devanshi will come with bag and blame me, the truth is Devanshi is cheating you all, I was staying as Bua, this girl knew my truth, she came to my place and made video to put blame on me. She says why, you have that video in your phone right. Mohan says Devanshi told me Kusum is staying as Bua, I did not believe this, I got to know the truth and got shocked. Devanshi asks what truth.

Kusum says you became Mata for greed of money, you are cheating innocent villagers. Ishwar gets shocked. Mohan says Devanshi had this money, she threatened me and asked me to blame Bua. Ishwar shouts what nonsense are you saying Mohan. Kusum says this girl is the root of all problems. Ishwar says you are the root of all problems. Kusum says fine, I agree I cheated, but to do betterment, I can get Devanshi’s truth out, she is characterless. Vardaan comes there.

Kusum says Devanshi has an illegitimate relation with someone else. Ishwar shouts lie. Devanshi asks Vardaan to see Kusum, her truth came out, she is blaming me that I m characterless, none can stop her from going to jail. Vardaan shows little shoes and asks what’s this. Devanshi smiles and says its my way to tell you, I m going to become mum and you are becoming Papa, I did not get a chance to say. Vardaan says fine, you are becoming mum, tell me whose the father of this child. Devanshi and everyone get shocked.

She asks are you joking, its our love sign. He says no, its a sin sign. Ishwar asks are you in senses. Vardaan says I came to senses by difficulty, I would have never known this. He recalls getting a letter for Devanshi. He reads the letter from Shikhar. Shikhar writes her that he has booked their tickets and will leave before Vardaan knows about their child, get the stolen money and we will make our small world. Vardaan gets angry. Mohan looks on. FB ends. Vardaan tells everyone that Devanshi’s child is not mine, its of his love Shikhar. Nutan asks what’s Vardaan saying.

Vardaan shows the letter to Devanshi. He gives her tickets. Kusum thinks I knew my move will make Devanshi lose, I ruined your life, Vardaan does not remember the night when Devanshi was with him, how will he know he is the father of your child.


Devanshi 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vardaan breaks things. Ishwar shouts Vardaan. Vardaan says Devanshi is dead for me. Ishwar says villagers took her to kill, save her. Devanshi cries.