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Devanshi 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Sakshi playing and going inside someone’s house. Sakshi gets confused and goes. Devanshi and Vardaan look for her. A man asks Nutan and Gopi to help his daughter, tell Kusum to save my daughter’s life, the guy is refusing to marry my daughter. Nutan says don’t worry. Kusum thinks its happening on my saying, blame will come on Devanshi. Devanshi calls out Sakshi and says Vardaan you were playing with her, is this the way to take care of her. He says calm down, nothing can happen to her, Devanshi is just your sister, but she is everything for me. She looks at him.

He says I will go to village and see. She says I will come along. He says everyone dislikes you, be here. She prays for Sakshi. She sees Sakshi’s slipper and goes to Kaka’s house. She asks Sakshi to come out, I know you are hiding here. Kaka scolds her for coming in his house without asking. She says I m finding my sister, her slipper were outside your house, I thought she is hiding here. He says this is not palace that she gets lost, she is not here, go from here, my mobile is bad and I m getting angry.

She says please let me find my sister, I will repair your phone. He asks are you mechanic. She says no, but I know phone repair, let me find my sister. He asks her to go and see, you won’t get her here. She does not get Sakshi and cries. He says I told you there is no one here, everyone lie here. He cries. She asks him to give his phone. He says repair this later, find your sister later, I feel like I should trust you. She says you are bitter by tongue, but not heart, I will find my sister and then repair your phone. She goes.

The man asks Kusum to help him. Kusum’s brother gets groom’s father with him and signs Kusum. Kusum tells groom’s father that he did wrong. Groom’s father says sorry, but don’t ask me to change decision. She asks the reason. The man says Devanshi has come back to this village, she is a sinner, I will not let my son get married here. The girl’s father asks Kusum to help him, as she allowed Devanshi to stay here. The groom’s father refuses to change decision. Kusum’s brother says we have to do something, we can’t let villager’s happiness die.

Devanshi and Vardaan don’t get Sakshi. They argue. He asks her to come to find her. He says we will take these girls along, they will help us. She says no need, I will find her myself. He asks why, it will be help. She asks him to take them if he likes. The girl says Devanshi is jealous of us, does she like you. He says yes, I can also see her jealous. Devanshi scolds the girl. He says wait, leave them, you can come with my Jaaneman. The girl asks Jaaneman. Devanshi says you go and die with your Jaaneman, I will not come with you, I will find my sister myself.

The servant gets his jeep. Vardaan says my jaaneman has come, I missed her a lot. He goes to his jeep and holds it. The girls look on. Vardaan drives off asking the jeep to help him find Devanshi. The girl praises him.

Devanshi looks out for Sakshi. A man sees her and stops his car. He offers help. She says I m not getting my sister, she is tall and slim. He asks is she fair? She says yes, did you see her. She says she was going, I have seen her. She asks can you help me. He says yes, come sit. She thanks him and sits. He locks the door and asks her not to worry, its automatic locks. They leave. Vardaan asks some people about Devanshi. The man tells Vardaan about Sakshi.

Vardaan says we would have found Devanshi together. Don’t know where did Sakshi go. Nutan says everyone will be left unmarried here if Devanshi stays in this village. Servant comes and says Devanshi is missing. He says Vardaan called me and asked for jeep. Kusum says I want that girl here before Vardaan gets her. Nutan asks why, if we are here, why to call anyone, Gopi will find Devanshi. Gopi says yes, I will get the girl. He argues with Kusum’s brother.

Kusum says I want Devanshi any how, before Sakshi and Vardaan reach her, go and do the work. Her brother leaves, Nutan sends Gopi too. Gopi takes Kusum’s blessings and goes. Kusum says I want that girl, I thought something special for her.

Its night, Devanshi asks the man to leave her, you lied and got me here, I will shout. He asks her to shout, none will come to save you, I will leave you after some time. She shouts for help. Vardaan comes there. Devanshi sees him. Vardaan knocks on window. The man asks what is it. Vardaan asks him to come out. The man says leave, you don’t know me. Vardaan asks him to come out and stares at him. The man asks will you take the girl in front of me, you think you are filmi hero. Vardaan pulls his sleeves. Devanshi looks on.

Devanshi 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi falls down and gets leg sprain. Vardaan holds her leg and asks her to look in his eyes. He says I m going to tell my feelings for the first time, I love you Sakshi. Piya…..plays……..

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