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Devanshi 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan asking Devanshi to come and see the work going on. He asks do you also doubt this dream is my madness, I can’t do anything to fulfill this dream, are you listening. She asks did you say anything. He says you have no time for me, as you became Mata. Kusum scolds Ishwar. He asks her to accept her crimes. She says no use to do this, leave me. He says I got juice for you. She asks for food. He says Devanshi made great food for you, but I did not get it.

She shouts. He ties her back. She starts coughing and gets angry. She sees the juice. Vardaan sits annoyed. Devanshi says you get anger out on me. He says you stay busy all day and now you were lost in thoughts. She says I m so tired, and have courage to stand, you should have come to me. He says why should I come to arbar, I don’t like. They argue and laugh. Piya…..plays…..

She says we both will fulfill your dreams, when we fall weak, think your love wants to complete this dreams, then you will get strongly determined. He says sorry, I was selfish, I know you accepted challenge to find true culprit. She says that’s why I m worried, I don’t know who is culprit, I just got to know he is from this family. He gets shocked.

Its morning, Mohan says this time my plan should not fail. Vardaan comes and asks him to come and serve him, as its his duty. Ishwar says Kusum is not saying anything. Devanshi looks on. Nutan comes and sees Kusum tied.

She greets Kusum. Devanshi says I told Nutan you wanted me to tie you this way, so that Maiyya gets pleased and blesses Vardaan. Nutan says you are great, I will show your pic to everyone, they should know you are bearing pain for your son. Devanshi says everyone will know this soon, you will get famous, even if we kill you, they will think you died while doing tapp, it will be our profit.

Ishwar says what will happen with Kusum, just lord can know this. They leave. Mohan takes care of Vardaan. He gets a message and replies. Vardaan observes him. He asks Mohan to show his phone. Mohan says its personal. Vardaan says you are my servant, won’t you agree. Servant says Devanshi called everyone. Mohan runs.

Devanshi tells everyone that Kusum wants to become servant, she will do all work alone today. Whatever she wants, I m ready to agree, it has Maiyya’s wish too, so I decided Kusum’s special servant Mohan will help her in work. Everyone smile. Mohan asks how can this happen, I have to take care of Vardaan. Devanshi says its matter of one day, Kusum can’t work alone, you help her.

Nutan says Kusum is Mata and will work as maid. Devanshi says Kusum can start from anywhere she wants, everyone go home now. Mohan cleans the floor. Gopi walks and spoils the floor. Mohan asks him to see, it got bad. Gopi asks him to clean again. Nutan says Kusum did not make food ever, does she know making food, I m just asking. She asks Kusum to add dishes spicy and sweet. Kusum asks her to leave and shows knife.

Nutan asks her to make roti with dishes, sorry make roti soft, else Golu won’t eat, flour is there. Kusum takes the box and flour falls on her. Nutan asks Kusum to clean flour and then cook food. Ishwar asks Devanshi will your plan succeed. Devanshi says sure, we have to surround Kusum. He says but we have just 3 hours to catch real culprit. She says I have thought about it.


Devanshi 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi is finding the real culprit, and tells everyone about the itching on culprit’s body according to curse.