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Dhhai Kilo Prem 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhuri asking Piyush why did he give toothbrush as gift to Deepu. Deepu returns his gift and goes. Madhuri asks him to go and convince her. Kunal comes home. Namrata tells him that Piyush gave tooth brush to Deepu. Kunal says you would have got upset. Namrata says yes and says it is husband’s duty to keep his wife happy always and says she is not much happy here. Kunal says even he is unhappy to stay as ghar jamai. He says much money is spent in building the house. He says we were happy in old house too. Namrata says do I need home only and says you sits with big politicians and seniors. Kunal tells her that Madhuri and Deepu’s standard are more than her. Namrata asks what do you mean. Kunal says atleast they take care of their husbands and care for them. He says if I die someday then come to my funeral with standard. He gets a call and goes. Namrata is irritated.

Piyush asks Deepu what is her problem? Deepu asks why did you tell everyone that I have used your tooth brush. Piyush asks her to see his gesture and says he was about to get beaten by shopkeepers. She says I have used only toothbrush only one. She shows the toothbrushes and says we had a similar toothbrush and that’s why I brought new toothbrush for you. She says you would have given it just like that, why to gift it. Piyush says Amit told that girls get happy with gifts. Deepu gets happy that he tried to cheer her and thanks him for bringing the gift, says she liked it. She says I will take out your kurta and sees Sarika’s pic inside, gets sad. Rukmini thinks she can’t get sleep and will take out Meghna’s ghost from Rahul.

Deepu tells Piyush that Sarika invited us for birthday party. Piyush is surprised and asks do you want me to come, and tells that I took her name in the morning. Deepu says she had reacted in the morning, and tells that Sarika told her clearly that she has no feelings for her. Piyush says even I have no feelings for her now. Deepu smiles. Piyush says but that doesn’t mean that I have feelings for you, don’t sparkle your teeth. He says we shall not go to party and asks her to sleep.

In the morning, Deepu applies bindi to her forehead. Piyush looks at her. They hear Pragya telling that her hand is burnt with hot tea. Deepu says she will check her. Piyush holds her hand and tells Pragya is acting else she would have done everyone’s pigeon black. Deepu laughs as Piyush acts like her. Deepu asks him to come soon as they are going to Sarika’s birthday party. Deepu says she don’t want her friendship or marriage is affected. Piyush says how do you know? Deepu says she is a woman and knows how to balanced the relations. He asks what do you about the night clubs. She says she knows about it and asks why did he ask her. Piyush says I know everything. Deepu says I know you don’t know anything. Piyush says even I can tell same for you. Deepu thinks to ask Sarika about night club. Piyush thinks to search on net.

Meghna comes to the sweet shop and buys bundi. Shop keeper says someone gave him money already. Meghna gets glad. Deepu asks Madhuri why she is doing work alone. Madhuri says if she wants to get her house and tells that she hopes all saas gets bahus like her. Deepu says all girls shall get saas like her. Deepu tells Madhuri that Sarika is invited them for her birthday party. Madhuri says you can go and says she will talk to Pankaj. Tushar comes and brings the vegetables. Deepu says he has keys, then why Piyush don’t have. Tushar says he loses keys always. Piyush tells that he lost keys once, and then says twice, thrice, many times. Deepu says it is not keys, but responsibilities. Madhuri says she will open door when they return. Piyush thinks now he is married and asks Deepu to see what he does in evening.

In the evening, Piyush and Deepu gets ready to go for the party. Piyush sings song. Deepu ask why is he happy? Piyush says he will get something. Deepu thinks about Sarika. Piyush says he is talking about something else. He comes to Pankaj and says now he is married. He says he is taking Deepu out and asks Pankaj to give car. Deepu asks do we have car. Meghna says it is Papa’s old car. Pankaj is surprised as Piyush asks him for keys. Tushar says Papa doesn’t give him car as it will be in mechanic shop next day. Deepu says wife shall know husband’s weakness and strength.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarika asks Deepu and Piyushs why did they come late. Deepu says he hit the car. Piyush says she took time to change dress. Sarika asks if they had any fight. They say no. They see a man beating Rahul in the night club. Piyush and Deepu rescue him. Rahul tells Deepu that he is doing part time job as waiter and giving auditions too, so that he can earn extra money. Deepu feels proud of him.

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