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Dhhai Kilo Prem 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mishra ji telling Ragini how they will manage. Pragya says you have time till marriage and taunts them. She says if your daughter don’t get marry then she has to suffer and remain unmarried like me. Piyush refuses to drink. His friend teases him and says Deepika is equal to three Deepika Padukone. Piyush drinks hearing this. Rahul is taking on phone. Pankaj asks him Taya ji to control his son. Taya ji says he trusts him. Pankaj says control is needed. Darshan informs to go upstairs for the photo shoot. His friend teases him and asks him to get two frames. Amit asks piyush to tell Deepu. Piyush says ok.

Mishra ji says I am thinking about Deepu’s happiness and says when I see this list, seems like pushing her in hell. Ragini asks him to think about her happiness. He says what she will think if she comes to know that we have hidden this. Ragini asks to manage for her happiness. Mishra ji says from where to get Lakhs of rupees.

Make up man asks Deepu to touch up her make up. Deepu is emotional and says my mind is asking if this is truth or not. Photographer asks them to stand for pic. Deepu says her head is shaken up. Photographer asks them to pose for pics. Piyush says I need to talk to her. Deepu asks cameraman to stay and says what others will think if we stay in room. Piyush stops her as she is going to have water. Deepu says what you are doing and feels shy. Piyush says I can’t wait any longer. Deepu says after marriage, we both will become of each other. Piyush says I can’t wait for marriage as I don’t want to marry. Deepu asks what you are saying and says she couldn’t understand. Piyush says he never wanted to marry her as he don’t love her. Deepu is in drunk state.

Piyush asks her to try and understand and says you can curse or beat him, but don’t be silent. Deepu laughs. Piyush asks have you gone mad and says it happens. She gets hiccups again and again. Deepu says you didn’t tell me I love your or praised me. He thinks he drank wine, but she seems to be drowsy. He asks her to think and asks her to listen. He says I don’t want to marry you. Deepu asks why you are shouting and says I am not wearing earplugs.

Piyush asks who made you drunk. Deepu says when I was coming here. A fb is shown, Rukmini tries to make Deepu have the drink. Namrata comes and takes the glass after taunting her. Namrata makes Deepu drink. Fb ends. Deepu tell Piyush that she has planned for honeymoon today and says now she has to marry alone and have to go alone to honeymoon. She says I don’t know the way and will be lost. She cries. Piyush asks her not to cry. Deepu asks her to call her Tu. Piyush thinks she is very much drunk. Deepu says piyush, you are so sweet and when you look at me smiling, bells rings in my heart. She sings song. Piyush asks her to stop her misbehavior. Deepu tells him that her friends talk to their boyfriends, but he don’t pick the call and says her recharge of 250 Rs never get finished. Piyush asks her not to do RC. Deepu says it is about love. Piyush thinks this moti will blacken my face before marriage and asks God to save him. He is about to go, but Deepu holds him. Rang De song plays as they have an eye lock. Piyush asks him not to put hand on her respect. Deepu says bad thinking man and says she wants to dance.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu dances in the function on the song Hungama hogaya. Later she tells everyone that it is difficult for fat girls to marry without dowry. Mishra ji looks at Pragya.