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Dhhai Kilo Prem 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sarika telling that she is so happy and kisses their hands. She says there is a surprise for you both and shows the dancing couple showpiece. Deepu takes it in her hand. Dhhai Kilo Prem music plays…..Piyush looks on.

Pankaj asks where is the mota maharaj? Kunal says he went with Deepu? Bua says Piyush is roaming around that fat girl. Namrata says you have thought right. Bua says it seems we have to do fix his alliance. Madhuri tells Pankaj that they shall get him married. Pankaj says he couldn’t lift his own weight, then how he will handle her. Kunal says she is good and beautiful. Bua says we can’t believe on this girl. Bua says she is roaming with Piyush freely and says she might be roaming with other guys also. Namrata says Piyush roams with other girls also.

Bua takes his side. Namrata says I like Deepu, she is so good. Pankaj says I will talk to her father, they are from good family. Madhuri asks him to ask Piyush once. Pankaj refuses.

Kunal says he likes her. Namrata asks Madhuri not to forget her after getting bahu. Ragini scolds Mishra ji and asks him to do something. He says he will not talk to Piyush family until Deepu talks to him. Ragini says we have to talk. Deepu comes back home. Mishra ji pretends to talk to her and asks her to give her pyaar ki jhappi. Deepu hugs her and goes to sleep. Mishra ji tells Ragini that he will talk to Deepu. He gives her chocolate and says this chocolate is shouting for you to eat.

Deepu says I will make it quiet now itself. Ragini comes and asks why he couldn’t he think of anything else. Mishra ji says we are playing game. Deepu asks him to think of a word and says it should be similar to each other. She says animal name. Ragini says cat. Mishra ji says dog. Deepu says fail. Ragini asks about her to be husband. Deepu and Mishra ji say P. Ragini says P. Deepu smiles. Mishra ji asks if she is happy. Deepu nods. Mishra ji says their choice is same. Deepu says please go. Mishra ji says he will talk to Piyush’s parents tomorrow.

Kunal holds Piyush as he comes home. He tells him that his parents are taking alliance for his lady love. Piyush gets happy and hugs him. Pankaj talks to Mishra ji and insists to meet tomorrow. Mishra ji says it is our good luck if you come and meet us. Mishra ji says okay. He is happy and tells that Piyush’s parents are coming to our house to talk about the alliance. Deepu hears and gets happy. Ragini says others have heard it too. Deepu calls Sarika and informs her that Piyush’s parents are coming home. Sarika gets happy for her. Piyush talks to Sarika and asks her to get ready. She says I will be waiting. Piyush thinks he is getting engaged to Sarika.
Piyush asks madhuri what is going on in the house. Madhuri says there is nothing and asks if Kunal told him. He tells that he told us that you got your deepika padukone and we are going to her house. She says Pankaj agreed and I also like her.

Piyush gets happy. Madhuri says she is made for you. Pankaj scolds him and asks Madhuri to make list of sweets. She says ok. Pankaj hopes his relation get fixed this time. Piyush says it will be fixed. Madhuri tells Bua that she made Suji ka halwa for her. Bua says she don’t want to have it and tells that nobody told me that they are going to see girl for Piyush. Tushar teases her. Madhuri says why we will hide from you and says we just spoke yesterday. Bua says my Bhaiyya didn’t tell me. Madhuri asks her to eat halwa and not to make her heart bitter. Bua says what I will wear now? Meghna tells that mum brought dress for you and also did the kadai. Bua says only Madhuri is……Meghna says she is your friend also.

Bua scolds Madhuri for putting in more sugar in the halwa. Meghna asks why do you love her when she hates you much. Madhuri says she will win her. Bua asks Madhuri if she wants her to wear clothes without dupatta. Piyush talks to Sarika and says he can’t believe that this is happening. Sarika gves credit to Deepu. Piyush says Deepika is Deepika. Sarika ends the call and says this love story is superfast. They dance happily. Mishra ji and Ragini give a serious look and then laugh. Ragini asks Deepu to make cooker cake. Deepu says she will make special cake.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush comes to Sarika’s house. Servant informs him that she went to Deepu’s house. Piyush asks why did she go there. Servant says groom’s family is coming to see Deepu and asks him to go if he wants. He is shocked. Later Madhuri tells that even God wants Deepu to be her bahu.

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