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Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Piyush thinks to send friend’s request to Sarika. His sister comes and says what will happen the max, she will refuse. Piyush says if she rejects my friendship then I can’t go infront of her. His sister asks him to make fake profile and keep Salman pic’s as profile pic and also his character name Prem. Piyush agrees.

Sarika asks Deepu why did she refuse and says guy was good. Deepu says she can’t marry such persons who wants him to lose weight. Sarika gets friendship request on her social networking site. She tells Deepu that the person made fake profile just now and sent her request. She accepts the requests. Piyush gets happy and talks like Salman Khan. Tushar comes and says he has brought special rasmalai for him, which Papa brought for him. He says I want to thank you for saving me that day. Piyush asks do you need any help. Tushar says I just needs now. Piyush is shocked to know that Tushar wants him to come to his school and act to be his Papa. Piyush refuses. Tushar emotionally blackmails him. Piyush says how can I become your Bau ji. Tushar asks him to agree.

Mishra ji comes to Ragin and asks her to have food. Ragini is worried about Deepu since Bareilly incident happened. Mishra asks her not to worry and says we have taught kids about right and wrong and says we shall not suffocate kids with our thinking. Ragini says why did this happen with Deepu when you haven’t done anything wrong with anyone. Mishra ji asks her to forget it. Ragini asks if Deepu forgot it. Deepu gets flashes of a man when she is sleeping and wakes up gets scared. Her childhood comes and asks her not to think much, take heavy breath, calm down her mind and drink water. She asks her to forget that as a bad dream and live life.

Tushar whitens Piyush’s hairs. Piyush says I will not leave you if my hairs turn black. He makes him clothes of his father and asks him to wear dada ji’s specs. Piyush says his head is shakening. Madhuri comes and calls Tushar. Piyush tries to hide, but Madhuri catches him and asks what is happening here. Tushar tells that Bhaiyya is taking part in nukkad act and we will be back in 1 hour. Madhuri asks him not to go near the shop. She gets the call and goes. Tushar thanks Piyush. A lady calls Madhuri and asks her to come to Ragini’s house. She asks if you have money? Madhuri says okay, I will come for some time. She wonders from where she will get money.

Tushar and Piyush comes home. Tushar tells Peon that he is his father. Peon says he can only allow his father. Piyush says I can’t see anything. Tushar told that Principal is sir, but here Madam is here. Deepu is sitting on Principal’s chair and identifies him, but Piyush couldn’t see anything due to number specs. Deepu understands that he can’t see anything and asks him to sit. Piyush says I am Tushar’s father. Deepu asks him to sit. She makes faces, but he couldn’t see. Piyush tells that he was fed up of telling his son to study, and tells that Tushar works hard at the shop and home and don’t get time for him to study. He asks her for forgiveness. Deepu says whatever you have told just now, brought tears in my eyes. She asks him to write whatever he told her just now and sign also.

Piyush couldn’t see the paper and takes specs off. He sees Deepu and asks if you are following me. Deepu says she recognize him, and thought she was joking being his friend now. She says if her papa would have been here, who is Principal of the school then he would have dropped Tushar from school. Piyush apologizes. Deepu says only your marriage band can happen now. Piyush gets happy. Mishra ji comes on his seat. Deepu tells that Tushar’s father came to school and apologize to you. She tells that Tushar is Piyush’s brother. Mishra ji calls Bau ji (Pankaj Sharma) and tells that he is Dev Mishra, School Principal. Bau ji asks what happened? Mishra ji tells that he was not in the school when you came there. He tells that his daughter told him about his visit and asks him to come to his school.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A lady introduces Deepu to other lady. Lady tells that she saw her pic in Bareilly. Deepu and Ragini get tensed. Later Bau ji tells Madhuri that Tushar took someone to his college in his disguise. Madhuri is shocked.

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