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Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush asking Pankaj to give him car and says you said that you will give after my marriage. Pankaj asks Deepu to come. He asks if she knows car driving. Deepu says yes. Pankaj takes out the keys from the locker. Piyush comes infront of him. Pankaj asks him to move and give car keys to Deepu, asking her not to give car keys to him even if he cries else car will land up in mechanic shop. Pragya is upset. Deepu takes his blessings. Piyush comes to room and asks her to give keys. He says this is my father’s car, not yours. Deepu says your father is my Papa ji. Meghna asks if she will go in this clothes. Deepu says she can’t wear party clothes as she is married now. Namrata says will you go wearing ghagra choli to night club. Madhuri asks her to wear it and says Pankaj will not get upset. Deepu says she has to go to Mishra ji’s house then to wear the party clothes. They ask her to go.

They come out to get the car. Piyush asks her to let him drive. Deepu says and sits in car. He refuses to go. Deepu says she will tell Pankaj. She tries to start the car and asks him to kick it. He refuses. Meghna comes and gives blank letter for Rahul. Deepu smiles. Piyush says ok, we will give letter to Rahul. They push the car.

Deepu tells Piyush that Rahul and Meghna love each other a lot and asks him to learn from them. Piyush says love needs feelings. She switches on radio. A song plays bahon me chale. Piyush gets irked and switches it off and asks her to drive silently.

Madhuri tries to clean the stain from Pankaj’s shirt. She asks why is he staring her.. He tells her that he recalled the day when he came to see her. Madhuri says she got scared seeing his big eyes, but agreed for marriage seeing his love. He says you are looking beautiful, I would have taken you out if car was free..

Deepu comes to mishra ji’s house. Ragini says you would have gone out with Piyush. Deepu says now she has to go for Sarika’s birthday party. Ragini says ok and says she would have gone to parlour. Deepu says she don’t have time. Ragini asks her to apply red lipstick. Deepu says it don’t suit her. Ragini says Sarika applies it. Deepu says it suits her, but not me. She asks her to go and says Piyush is waiting for her. Ragini says you would have called her. Deepu says can’t call him leaving car on street. She comes down wearing beautiful gown for the party.. Piyush couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Deepu asks what? Piyush nods no and opens the car door. He says you are looking beautiful and asks her to sit in car so that he can take her pic. He asks her to pose like Ms. India and Ms. Universe on winning the title. He asks her to give a shock look. Deepu pose as she is shock or surprise. Piyush clicks her pics and says work is done. Piyush says now babu ji will take off your eyes, as I have proofs that when accident happened, you was driving the car. She is shocked and asks when did it happen. She is shocked to see the scratch on the car at its back. He says he tried to take car back and says if Babu ji scolds you then listens to him silently. Deepu says you are bad, I will not talk to you. Piyush asks her to drive the car.

At night club, Sarika comes and is wished by her friends. Piyush and Deepu wish her birthday. Sarika says you both came late. Deepu says he did an accident. Piyush says she took time to change dress. Sarika asks if they had a fight. Just then they hear a man scolding Rahul for bad service. Piyush and Deepu go and apologize to that man. Deepu asks Rahul what he is doing in waiter’s dress. Rahul says he is doing part time job as waiter inaddition to auditions, so that he can prove to Pankaj that he is suitable for Meghna. Deepu gets touched and says she is proud of him. He gives letter saying Meghna gave it for him. Rahul sees the blank paper and looks at it. Piyush observes him. Rahul kisses on the letter and then kisses on the tissue paper and asks Deepu to give his reply to meghna. Piyush asks what does this mean? Deepu asks Rahul to make him understand and says he has nothing to do with love. Rahul wipes his tears and says sorry deepika. I came here to this party, so that you can see me and tell your Babu ji. He asked me to wait for 1 year, but I will elope with Meghna in 2 days, hopefully guru will do my work.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Goon comes to Sarika’s party and tries to flirt with her. Piyush gets angry. Goon asks if she is your sister. They start fighting badly. Deepu is shocked.

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