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Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sarika helping Deepu to get ready and selects dress for her. Madhuri prays that their alliance shall be fixed today. Deepu prays to God and asks her to fix relation for 7 births. Sarika gives compliments to Deepu. Door bell rings. Pankaj and his family comes. Mishra ji asks if they had trouble searching the house and tells that he asked for formality. Pankaj and Bua take it sportingly. Ragini says he jokes. Pankaj introduces his family. Piyush is on the way and thinks about Sarika. Mishra ji praises Piyush. Pankaj feels proud. Mishra ji tells that Deepu talks much about Piyush. Meghna tells that she has become her fan eating her cooker cake. Madhuri says may be God wanted her to be our bahu. Piyush thinks he got late and calls Madhuri. Madhuri says we have reached. Piyush says he is reaching also. He comes to Sarika’s house. Servant says she is not here and closes the door. He rings the bell again and says I am Sarika’s friend and my family also came here. Servant says you came to wrong address and tells that she went to Deepika’s house as groom family came to see her.

Piyush realizes Kunal and madhuri were talking about Deepu. He thinks this is a big kaand. He calls Madhuri again and tells her that he don’t want to marry Deepika and loves someone else. Pankaj asks when is he coming? Mdhuri says I can’t hear you and goes to talk to him from the room. She asks what you are saying? Piyush says I love Sarika and will marry her only. Madhuri says everything thinks that you loves her. Piyush says I don’t love her and asks them to leave immediately. Madhuri is shocked and collides with the table. She sees Deepu and Piyush’s pic in the book and gets emotional.

Deepu comes and makes her get up, asks about tears in her eyes. Madhuri says it is tears. Piyush thinks to go to Deepu’s home. Madhuri tells Pankaj that Piyush is stuck somewhere and tells that they shall come some other day. Pankaj says we will decide and asks what he will do here. Piyush runs on the road and gets auto. Pankaj tells that he likes Deepu and asks if she has any objection. She says no. He asks them to give sweets. Mishra ji senses Madhuri tensed and says we shall wait if she is saying. Pankaj tells Mishra ji that Madhuri is tensed for the alliance and asks him to tell that he accepts the alliance. Mishra ji says he accepts the alliance. Deepu smiles and asks God to send Piyush. Piyush’s auto stops on the way. He runs and reaches Deepu’s home. He asks about his parents. Mishra ji says they went. Ragini makes him have sweets. Piyush thinks to talk to his family first and runs from there. Mishra ji and Ragini talk about Piyush and Deepu and praises him.

Pankaj gets angry at his house and asks Madhuri why didn’t he come there. He calls Piyush. Just then Piyush come there and says I came, but you people were already left. Pankaj asks about his condition. Bua says if they have seen you like this, then they would have refused. Piyush says if would have been good if they had refused. Pankaj asks him to tell louder. Piyush says he don’t want to marry Deepika. Everyone is shocked. Deepu tells Sarika that she is feeling strange and scared. Sarika says Piyush loves you much and asks her not to think much. She says everything is set. Pankaj asks shall I call Deepika Padukone for you. Piyush says I don’t love her. Pankaj says what? You loves her till yesterday and now? He asks him not to behave like flirt guy. Piyush says when did I tell that I want to marry moti. Pankaj gets angry and says girls can be fat, but man shall be lean to work well. Piyush says Deepika is my friend’s friend and tells that he loves Sarika. He asks Meghna to tell. Meghna says she thought he likes Deepu now. Piyush tells that he loves Sarika and she loves me too. He says whatever happened with Deepu, was unintentional and I can’t ruin Sarika’s life and asks him to understand.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhuri tells Piyush that Pankaj said yes for the marriage. Meghna comes and tells that Deepika and her parents came. Everyone is shocked.

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