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Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush thinking how did his second phone ring today. He takes out his phone and thinks nobody knows about this phone, this shall be a secret always. He calls on that number and asks the woman why she is calling him. Woman threatens and blackmails him to give money else she will expose him infront of Deepika. Piyush promises to give her money. He thinks to keep that woman far from Deepu. Rukmini’s friend come to meet her. She asks her to make her bahu meet her. Rukmini tells her friend that she is very much troubled and tortured by her bahu. Meghna gets upset hearing this. Deepu gives tiffin to Piyush. He goes in a hurry. Meghna calls Deepu and tells her that Rukmini is badmouthing about her. Deepu asks her to do good. She asks her to switch on Bluetooth and goes there.

Meghna takes breakfast for Rukmini and her friend. She touches her friend’s feet. Rukmini asks why she is acting and badmouths about her parents. Deepu asks her to think opposite of what she said. Meghna smiles and imagines Rukmini saying good words. Her friend scolds Rukmini and tells Meghna that she shall be happy always. She asks Rukmini not to torture her bahu, as lucky people gets such bahus. She goes.

Meghna thanks Deepu and says now I understood how to handle mummy. Madhuri hears Deepu and smiles. She gives her saree which she bought for her on Teej, and says she is happy as Meghna is staying with Mishra ji’s family. Deepu thanks her. Piyush asks Amit to give him money. Amit says he gave money last week. Piyush says he is taking Deepu out for dinner now. Amit gives him 2000 Rs. Piyush thinks that woman will not agree. Amit asks if there is something wrong. Piyush says no. Piyush gets Deepika’s call and he asks her to reach the hotel. He gets tensed thinking about the woman.

Pragya talks to Rukmini on call and says she has been waiting for this day. She comes to dining area and asks Madhuri, how is Meghna? Didn’t you meet her last night. Madhuri says she might be fine. Pragya tells Pankaj that Rukmini called and said that she tried to file case against Meghna, but you and your bahu stopped her. Pankaj gets angry and goes. Tushar tells Pragya that the fire is not lighted. He asks Madhuri if she met Meghna. Madhuri says yes and tells that Pankaj went angrily. Deepu comes to hotel. Piyush couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Deepu asks what happened? Piyush says that she is looking good in this saree. Deepu says Madhuri gave her. Piyush compliments her. Manager tells that they have decorated special honeymoon table for them. Piyush says we didn’t order, its ok. Manager says we thought you are newly married as you demanded candle light dinner, and flowers. Piyush makes Deepu sit. Deepu says you have done much. Piyush says you are my friend. Deepu says I am your wife, you can do this for me. Rang De song plays…

Waiter serves them Deepu’s favorite dishes. Piyush says he ordered it before. Manager says it seems your husband loves you a lot. Piyush says don’t know why everyone call it love. Deepu asks what problem you have with love. Piyush asks her to have cheese burger. He stares her smiling while she eats. Deepu sees a couple watching on TV and tells piyush that she wants to dance like this. Piyush says they practice well, and tells that if she wants she can try. Deepu says I saw you dancing on Sarika’s birthday party. Piyush says he just danced. Deepu tells that she never thought that he will take her out for Dinner. She says she brought gift for him and asks him to turn. Piyush turns and sees woman standing there. While Deepu takes out the gift and gives to him, he gets up saying he will come, and the gift falls down. Deepu says you was about to break my heart today. Piyush goes to meet the woman Rashmi and she asks him to give money right away. She threatens to tell everything to Deepu. He says he don’t have money right now. Rashmi tells that she will tell Deepu about his affair and comes near her. Piyush asks her not to tell her and gives his marriage ring. Rashmi asks him to continue giving him money. Deepu looks at them.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu gives the gift which she couldn’t give him last night. Later Deepu comes to the jeweler and finds Piyush’s ring. Jeweller signs her towards Rashmi and says she sold it.

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