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Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amit coming to the night club. Piyush gets happy and says it is good that you have come, I was alone, as Sarika is busy and it is good to stay away from Deepu. Deepu calls Meghna and tells about Rahul. Meghna gets happy and says she can’t for a year. Deepu says you have promised and asks her to fulfill her promise. Amit asks Piyush to go and dance with Deepu. Piyush refuses to dance with moti. Deepu says she also don’t want to dance with him. She coughs. Piyush asks her to have water and panics. He makes her have water. Sarika comes and asks if they are romancing and celebrating valentine day on her birthday. Deepu says he doesn’t know ‘R’ of romance. Sarika asks them to dance. Deepu says lets dance and asks Amit to dance with her. Piyush gets irked and comes to then dance floor with Sarika. A song plays….zara zara neend bhi….Dil kya kare…..

Piyush dances with Sarika while Deepu dances with Amit while looking at each other. Deepu asks Amit to go and dance with Sarika. Piyush comes to dance with Deepu. Deepu ignores him and gets down from the dance floor. Piyush performs solo and dances on the song Afsana tere mera……and takes Deepu to dance floor and dances with her. Others also join him. Everyone claps for him. Piyush says this is dance.

Someone announces that cake will be cut now. Goons come there and tries to gate crashed the party, but guards stop him. Guru (head goon) comes and asks guard to let them go. They get inside.

Rukmini sees the pics of girls, but dislike the girls. Mishra ji shows her meghna’s pic and asks her to agree and not become enemy of the lovers. Rukmini tells him that if he don’t stop then she will become her enemy.

Sarika cuts the cake and make Deepu and Piyush have the bite. Guru comes there and eyes Sarika….He holds her hand and says wishes her happy birthday. He asks his goons to wish her happy birthday. Sarika asks what is this misbehavior and asks them to leave, this is a private party. Sarika says this cake is not for you all and is about to slap him. Other goon gets angry. Guru says wherever I go, party begins there. Deepu asks him to go. Piyush asks Sarika if she knows him. Sarika says no. Piyush says this is a private party. Guru asks how much you spend on this party and keeps 75000 in his hand, says this party is mine only. He tells Sarika that he is not stone hearted and she can dance with him and celebrate her birthday..

Sarika asks him to mind his tongue. Piyush asks him to go. Goon tells Guru that Piyush had beaten them previously. Goon asks if she is your sister. Deepu says yes. Piyush says she is her sister. Deepu asks Piyush not to do anything and tells that they are a team. Piyush slaps Guru. Deepu asks them to come one by one, if they are man’s children. Guru says he will beat him. They have a fight. Rahul sees Guru and Piyush fighting. Guru breaks bottle on Piyush and beats him. Kunal comes there and stop the fight. He arrests Guru and says he is a criminal. He tells Deepu that she called him at right time and now she will get 10000 prize money.

Piyush says I got beaten up and you are giving prize to her. Kunal says she called me. Guru looks at Sarika. Sarika stops Kunal and makes him have cake. She tells Guru that even he wanted to have cake, and smears on his face. She asks him to get out and never to come infront of her. Guru calls her his heroine and tells that she will see his face daily. Deepu asks Kunal to take him and beats him badly. Rahul looks on.

Deepu puts ice bags on Piyush’s hurt face. Amit says he is Sarika’s brother now and will protect her. Deepu laughs. Piyush’s hand hits on her eye by mistake. Deepu feels pain. Piyush asks her to show her eye and blows air on it. Deepu gets touched seeing his care for her.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu tells piyush that he is also like Guru. Piyush is upset. Guru comes to Rahul and gives him court marriage form and says marriage is after 3 days. Rahul says only court marriage can unite them now.

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