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Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu asking Ragini about Piyush. Ragini says he seems to be worried about his office work. Deepu says she will go to his house. Ragini says it is inauspicious to go before marriage. Deepu says I will go with Papa. Mishra ji says I will go and talk to samdhi. Deepu is worried and tells that her locket is missing. Mishra ji says if it is destined then you will get it. He asks Ragini to come and do Piyush’s rasam. Madhuri gets Deepu’s locket in her clothes and thinks to send it with Kunal. Kunal tells Piyush that he thought he is talking about Deepu. Piyush says you never took her name. Kunal says I never thought that you are talking about Sarika. Madhuri says your father have agreed for this marriage. Piyush says he will not marry of his father’s choice and says I want to marry Sarika and not Deepika. Kunal asks if Sarika wants to marry you. Piyush tells that Sarika called and asked him about his ring size. He tells that he will marry her. Madhuri tells Kunal that she can’t let his life ruined. Piyush says I will not marry fat Deepu. Meghna informs them that Deepu and her parents came home. Pankaj greets them. Madhuri gives Deepu’s locket to her.

Deepu gets happy and tells that it is precious for her. Mishra ji tells that Piyush came to his house and was worried. Madhuri says I will call him. Pankaj tells that he will call him. He goes to Piyush and asks him to come. Piyush refuses to come. Pankaj scolds him and asks him to come. Piyush comes there. Mishra ji says Deepu was worried about you. Pankaj asks him to touch his feet. Piyush touches his feet. Mishra ji asks what is the matter? You are looking still worried. Bua asks him to give shagun if they brought. Mishraji asks Ragini to give shagun and asks Piyush what is the matter? Piyush says he is fine, and is upset as his friend is unwell. Mishra ji says you both think about the world and asks him to be happy. Bua tells that his happiness comes from inside. Pankaj stops her. Mishra ji tells that they came to do the rasam of Piyush.

Madhuri asks why it is needed. Ragini tells that since Piyush had not come with them, so they thought to come. Bua asks to sit. Ragini makes him sit. Piyush gets sad and thinks about Sarika. Ragini completes the rituals and blesses Deepu and Piyush. Mishra ji gives shagun envelope to Piyush. Deepu gives her locket to Piyush. Mishra ji says now he will touch his damad’s feet. Piyush gets up and stops him. Pankaj also asks him not to do this. Mishra ji says it is a rasam. He then gives locket to Piyush and says God will take care of her. Later they come home. Mishra ji tells Ragini that Piyush is shy and didn’t look at Deepika at once. He says he is good. Deepu gets emotional. Mishra ji tells that she will go soon after marriage and gets tears in his eyes. He asks Ragini to come and have selfie.

Piyush thinks to talk to Deepu and explain her. Kunal and Namrata come there and stop him. Kunal says I will talk to him and make Pankaj understand. Piyush says this is happening because of you and asks him to do something.

Darshan comes to Deepu and asks her to see him. He tells that he went to Summer Camp and she fixed her alliance. He asks her to have cake. She refuses and says she is on fruit diet. Kunal and Namrata talk to Pankaj and asks him to think as it is a matter of three lives. Namrata says we all have accepted your decision also and asks him not to punish him. Pankaj says so this is the matter, you loves that Sarika and wants to marry her. And she also wants to marry you. Piyush nods. Pankaj says call that girl, and says if she tells me that she loves you and wants to marry you. He says he will apologize to Mishra ji. He says what will happen if she refuses. Piyush says if she refuses then I will marry girl of your choice. Piyush calls Sarika, but her phone is busy. Sarika is talking to Deepu on phone. Deepu tells her that Piyush didn’t see her once. Piyush calls Sarika again and asks her to come to his house and meet him. Sarika says do you want to talk about marriage. Piyush says ok. Sarika then calls Deepu and tells her that she will call him outside and make him meet her. Deepu thanks her.

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