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Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush giving him marriage ring to Rashmi. Rashmi asks him to give her money and says she will not tell anybody. Piyush says your work will be done seeing Deepu seeing them. Rashmi goes. Deepu asks if he is fine? He says yes and tells that she was a client who came to meet him regarding policy. She sees him tensed. Piyush says he is feeling unwell and needs to go home. Deepu says ok. She takes the gift which she bought for Piyush and leaves.

Next morning, Piyush gets ready to go. Deepu says she wants to talk to him about last night. Piyush says he has no time now. Deepu says just 1 min and gives him gift. She finds the ring missing and asks him. He gets angry and says it must had fallen somewhere. Deepu thinks what happened to him suddenly. Piyush goes without taking the gift.

Deepu comes to madhuri and tells that Piyush seems worried. Madhuri tells about her mannat and says she wants to give kheer to people in the temple. She says may be that’s why he has become irritated and Pankaj is upset since he knows about Meghna’s police station incident. Deepu asks who told him. Madhuri says Pragya told him. Deepu comes to Pragya and seeing her laughing. She asks her to laugh with everyone and not alone. She says Pankaj’s health might deteriorate with her plotting. Pragya says Piyush has feigned heart attack. Deepu says he acted to unite the family. She warns Pragya and says you can’t break the family.

Meghna serves halwa and tea to Rukmini. Rukmini likes halwa, but says that it is worst. She then throws the tea and scolds meghna. Meghna says she will clean it. Rukmini asks her to make food. Meghna says college. Rukmini asks her to handle kitchen first. Meghna says she will do her house work first. Rukmini asks her to work and thinks she is very smart. Deepu comes to Piyush’s office canteen and asks his friends about Piyush. His friends/colleagues tell that Piyush haven’t come to office since many days. Deepu says she forgot. She calls Piyush, but he says he is busy in office and ends the call. Guru gives money to his friend. His friend gives him jaggery kheer and says he brought it from temple. Guru tastes it and says it is special kheer which he used to have it in childhood. He asks from which temple, he bought kheer. He goes.

Deepu is tensed and suddenly her mangalsutra breaks. She gets worried and goes to the shop asking the shop keeper to get it repairer. Jeweller asks her not to panic. Deepu sees jewellery polishing Piyush’s ring and says it is her husband’s ring. Jeweller says that woman sold it. Deepu takes the ring and asks Rashmi from where she got the ring. Rashmi gets tensed and says why shall I tell you. Deepu says he lost this ring, you might have found it and sold. Rashmi says she don’t want to tell her. Jeweller asks what is the proof? Deepu shows PS written on the ring.

Jeweller asks Rashmi to return his money as they don’t buy stolen things. Rashmi tells him that Piyush himself gave her ring. Deepu is shocked. Rashmi returns the money and goes. Deepu gets Piyush’s ring back. Rashmi calls Piyush. Deepu also calls him. He picks Rashmi’s call and asks why she called again. Rashmi says your wife took ring from my hand. Piyush asks did you tell her anything. Rashmi says she asked her to ask him. Piyush sees Deepika’s call, but don’t pick the call. He gets his colleague call and picks it. Colleague tells him that Deepu came to office and I told her that you are not coming to office. Piyush is shocked and calls someone asking how is she? He says Rashmi told something to Deepu so he can’t come today, but will call her.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush gets angry when Deepu questions him. Later he calls the woman (may be Sarika) and tells that Deepu has a doubt that he is having affair with someone. Woman says what we shall do now. Deepu picks Rasika’s call and asking Piyush to give her money else she will expose all his secrets.

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