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Dhhai Kilo Prem 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Namrata telling Kunal that Rukmini gave her cold drink. Rukmini says why I will do this? Pankaj tells Rukmini that his son must have brought it and asks him to call Rahul. Rukmini says she saw Amit bringing wine in the party. Pankaj gets angry. Mishra ji asks him to calm down and says engagement mahurat is running. Madhuri says lets do the engagement. Deepu and Piyush sit together. Deepu says you are looking cute. Pankaj says I am seeing this kind of engagement for the first time. Darshan asks Deepu to make Piyush wear the ring. Deepu says she will take selfie and asks him to pout. He pouts and she clicks selfie. Darshan asks Deepu to make him wear the ring. Piyush turns his face. Pankaj and Madhuri ask him to forward his hand. Piyush says I can give my life for my mum. Deepu gets emotional and hugs her mum. They exchange rings..Everyone claps for them. Rang De song plays….Everyone shower flowers on them.

Ragini asks Rukmini if she was sure that she doesn’t know who mixed wine in cold drink. Rukmini says how many times, she will insult her. Mishra ji says from where I shall get 50 Lakhs. Ragini comes and asks him to sell all her ornaments and get the money. Mishra ji says I can’t sell your ornaments, and says it is my respect. Rukmini gets greedy seeing the ornaments. Mishra ji says this is not jewellery, but your mum’s memories. Ragini asks him not to think anything and sell the jewellery.

Madhuri tries to wake up Piyush. Pankaj asks her to wake up Piyush, and asks Kunal to call Amit. Madhuri takes Piyush’s side. Tushar says I am sure Bhaiyya is awake and says shall I peep through the window and see. Piyush gets angry. Deepu wakes up with a heavy head. Rahul shows her engagement videos and pics. Deepu is shocked to see video and pics. She thinks her impression might have been wrong with the family. Deepu says sorry. Ragini asks her to go and apologize to Pankaj and Madhuri. Rahul says he will take her. Mishra ji says I have seen your unique avatar yesterday and laughs. Sarika says we will drop you both on the way. Deepu goes. Ragini tells Mishra ji that they shall call the jeweler and sell the jewellery. Deepu couldn’t find her ring and is about to go home. Rahul stops her and gives her rings. Deepu saus lets go. Pankaj peeps in the bedroom and couldn’t find Piyush. He asks him to open the door and is angry. Piyush opens the door. Pankaj scolds him for letting his friend bring wine to the venue. Madhuri asks Piyush to say. Pankaj asks her to be quiet else she will be punished. Piyush says this is wrong. He says why maa will be punished for my mistakes.

Pankaj says you got drunk and even made our bahu drunk. He asks how can anyone be so careless. Deepu comes there and hears Pankaj scolding Piyush. She apologizes to Pankaj and says I know you was humiliated yesterday. Pankaj says it is not your mistake, but Piyush’s mistake. Piyush is about to go and refuses to apologize. Deepu folds her hands and asks for forgiveness, and says Piyush doesn’t know that the drink was compromised, and even I wasn’t aware. Pankaj says Deepu is showing patnidharm and apologizing on Piyush’s behalf. Piyush says he will not say sorry and goes inside. Pankaj gets angry. Deepu says she wants to talk to Piyush and goes. Kunal takes Rahul inside to talk about his films.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu apologises feeling bad for Pankaj’s scolding. Piyush says he is my father and tells Deepu that she is not his wife, but to be wife. Deepu looks on surprised.