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Dhhai Kilo Prem 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pankaj getting tensed. Madhuri asks him to sit. Pankaj says this boy have risked my respect. Piyush hugs Kunal and thanks him. Kunal says I want your happiness. Door bell rings. Piyush opens the door. Sarika says hi and says will you not call me in? Piyush asks her to come and introduces his family. Sarika says I know and asks why did you call me. Piyush says Deepu told, but he wants to hear from her. Kunal asks her to tell how is he? Sarika says he is sweet and takes care of everyone. Bua asks her about marriage. Sarika says whoever marries her, will be lucky girl and that’s why he is my Nirala man. Piyush smiles. Pankaj says it is enough and asks Sarika if she wants to marry him. Sarika is shocked. Namrata says you loves Piyush naa, tell Papa once. Sarika says I don’t love him and says we are just good friends. Piyush says you asked me to bring the ring size. Sarika says I was telling that for Deepu and says you are saying as if you don’t know that Deepu loves you.

Piyush says I love you and want to marry you. Sarika asks have you gone mad? I don’t love you. Piyush is shocked. Sarika says you would have asked me once before making fun of me. She asks Pankaj why did he call her when he fixed his marriage with Deepu. Pankaj says as he felt that you loves him. Bua says this girl have slapped on our face. Pankaj says you will marry deepika only now and apologizes to Sarika for coming. Sarika goes and is about to call Deepu. Madhuri comes and requests her not to tell Deepu. Sarika says I have to tell her and says Deepu shall know as she is misunderstanding that he loves her. Madhuri says Deepu is a right girl for him and she will make him a better person. She asks her not to tell her anything and let her be her bahu. She gets Deepu and says she is coming there.

Deepu asks where are you? Sarika comes there and says I am standing behind you. Deepu asks why your face is sad. Sarika says nothing. Deepu asks why did he call you at home. Sarika don’t tell her anything. Deepu shows the clothes and tie which she bought for him and says he looks best in everything.

She asks Deepu if this marriage don’t happen? Deepu asks why you are asking. Sarika says just like that. Deepu says she has realized true love for the first time and says if I don’t marry him then I will not marry anyone. She tells that she will love everyone double and says that she is sure that madhuri will not let tears come in her eyes. Sarika tells that they want to know her choice. Deepu says she will like anything which they bring. Sarika asks her to be happy always.

Piyush drinks wine and tells that he will not marry moti. Kunal says Deepu is a nice girl and says you are a fathom too. Amit asks him not to badmouth about bhabhi. Kunal says you are behaving as if you are a filmy hero and asks if you will not marry anyone as Sarika refused. Piyush says that Deepu is a bulldozer. Kunal scolds him and goes. Amit asks him to tell her that he don’t want to marry her.

Ragini tells Mishra ji that Deepu is not eating food. Darshu teases her. Piyush ends the call. Darshu teases her. Piyush calls her again. Deepu picks the call. She asks about him and his friend. Piyush asks her to listen and gets angry. He asks her to listen and says marriage is a bakwas, I don’t want to marry you. I love Sarika. He asks her to get another bakra for herself and says I will not be cut by you. Amit says she will not call you again. Piyush promises to give party to him once she cancels the marriage. He looks at his phone and tells that his phone battery is gone, and she must not have heard him. He says he will go to her house and tell her. Deepu tells that she couldn’t hear anything as phone was disconnected. Amit makes him sit in the auto. Pankaj comes home and asks about Piyush. Tushar goes to call him. Pankaj asks Madhuri to make him understand that marriage shall happen smoothly. Tushar comes and says he is not there. Meghna calls Amit and asks if Piyush is with you. Amit says no. Madhuri says where did he go?

They call his friends and gets worried. Tushar shows wine bottle which he found in the lawn. Pankaj gets angry and says he will break this bottle on his head. Piyush comes to Deepu’s home.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush comes to Deepu’s house using staircase and asks her to come as he wants to talk to her. Deepu is surprised.

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