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Dhhai Kilo Prem 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu calling Piyush and thinks why he is not picking call. She doubts him thinking about the recent happenings. She thinks she has to talk to him and thinks she don’t understand what is happening. Meghna tells Rahul that she will not reply to Rukmini now and says everything will be fine. She made paneer pakodas for her. Rahul says I can’t forget that you have raised your hand on my mum. Meghna apologizes and asks don’t you love me. Rahul says he don’t want to talk and goes.

Deepu comes home and thinks what is going on. Why he is not picking the call. Kunal comes home and asks why she is talking with self. Deepu asks him to sit and says she will serve him food. Kunal talks to Constable and asks him to beat the man and says he is betraying his wife and when he is caught, he told his wife that the woman is his client. Deepu recalls Piyush giving ring to Rashmi. She tells Kunal that the man shall be beaten. Kunal says wife shall either bear or slap divorce on his face. He asks her not to worry. Deepu gets worried and thinks she shall not doubt Piyush.

Guru stops Pandit on road and asks him to say who distributed jaggery kheer in temple. He shows Madhuri’s pic and asks him to tell if she comes again. Pandit ji gets tensed.

Madhuri is stitching clothes, suddenly a box falls down. Madhuri gets emotional seeing the toys and a boy’s (Guru’s childhood pic) pic. Piyush comes home. Deepu tries talking to Piyush, but he ignores her and goes. Later when she sleeps, Piyush comes back and sleeps.Deepu wakes up and asks if everything is fine. Piyush says he was busy with client for meeting. Deepu switches on lights and says you didn’t go to office. Piyush says so what, I don’t question you so why you are questioning me, asks her to sleep silently. Deepu asks her to tell what is going on and says if there is anything then tell me now itself. Piyush says I had hidden a talk from her, and tells that he gave his ring to his client whose father died and she wanted to claim insurance and that’s why he gave his ring to her. He apologizes to her and says that woman is selfless, I gave ring to her and asks her to return it when she gets money.

Deepu asks why didn’t you tell me before and asks him never to hide anything. Piyush says did you think that I am having affair with anyone. Deepu is silent. Piyush acts and says I never thought you will think about me this way. Deepu feels guilty and says sorry saying she will never doubt him. Piyush says sorry. They sleep. Later he wakes up and goes out of room. He calls Sarika and says Deepika had a doubt that I am having an affair. Sarika says we shall not meet for days.

Piyush says I can’t stay without meeting you and says we will meet tomorrow at same place. Saarika’s face is revealed. Deepu gives tiffin to Piyush and asks him to have home food. She gives her jewellery and asks him to give to his client. Piyush refuses to take her jewellery and tells that his client is Swabhimaani and will not accept it. Deepu finds the phone ringing and thinks whose phone is this. She searches for the phone and gets it in almari. She thinks Piyush has two phones, I never saw, may be office phone. She thinks to give his phone to him. Rashmi’s call comes on the phone. She thinks it can be client’s call and thinks to tell him/her that Piyush forgot his phone at home. She picks the call. Rashmi is on call and threatens Piyush blackmailing him to give money else she will expose his secrets. Deepu is shocked and asks who are you? Rashmi cuts the call hearing her. Deepu gets worried.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rahul talks to Meghna and tells Rukmini that Meghna is kidnapped by goons. He runs out. Amit calls Piyush and says Deepu called and said that you forgotten your phone at home. Piyush thinks if Rashmi called on that mobile. Later he meets Sarika and she asks until when we will meet secretly, everyone will know some day. Piyush looks on tensed.

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