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Dhhai Kilo Prem 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Dhhai Kilo Prem 14th April 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Mishra ji showing mark of the chappal and says he was beaten by his wife. Ragini says I thrown it to hit someone else, but he came in between. Mishra ji says his heart is stuck with that chappal and tells that Ragini agreed to watch film with me after that incident. Deepu and her brother laugh. Ragini says you still remember that. Mishra ji says they had taken ticket in black and says today is the golden jubilee. They dance to celebrate the day.

Madhuri comes to the shop. Some foreigner tells Madhuri that her husband is good and helping nature. Madhuri looks on. Deepu fools someone and asks him to follow organ phisli ride. She goes to storeroom. Piyush comes and thinks today Bau ji have pushed Maa because of you and says he will not leave her. Deepu gets scared seeing the lights blinking. She tries to hide. Someone comes there. Deepu is scared and sits down. Piyush comes there and holds her neck. Deepu is scared and looks at him. Piyush asks who are you to trouble other house and says you are very cunning. Deepu asks him to leave her neck.

Piyush says I asked you not to tell and says you have a fat stomach, but can’t digest anything. He asks her to cry to know and says you should be hang in the chauraha, and tells that you don’t deserve anyone love. Deepu recalls goon saying the same. Piyush says you shall be born as fat buffalo in every birth and shall be seated on donkey and roam entire city. Deepu thinks goon saying the same thing. Deepu pushes him and runs out.

Piyush looks on angry. She collides with a car. The man teases on her weight. Everyone laughs. Deepu goes inside the house and locks herself in the room. She thinks about Piyush insulting and cursing her. She cries. Ragini and Mishra ji ask her to open the door. They get spare key and open the door. Mishra ji asks what happened? Ragini asks her to tell…Deepu cries and asks why this thing happens with me always, she says what is my mistake if I am fat, everyone try to insult me and says that Piyush, what does he think of himself. I saved his shop and even helped him, and he insulted me. Ragini asks what did he do? Deepu says he has insulted me and says she will not leave him.

Piyush is on his friend’s bike. He tells that he will not leave moti for her misbehavior. Tushar calls Piyush and tells that Bau ji had the food and seems happy. Piyush comes home and sees various sweets kept outside the house on the table. Bau ji claps and asks him to come. He tells that he has kept this function as my son has become a father. He asks Piyush to have food. Piyush is about to go. Bau ji asks him to have food. Piyush is shocked.

Bau ji accuses him for impersonating him. Piyush says we shall go and talk inside. Bau ji says people shall know that you have become father of my child. He asks him to finish the food. People gossip saying how he will eat much food. They make fun of him. Bau ji asks people not to go and see until he finishes food. Madhuri and her daughter ask Bau ji to leave Piyush. Bau ji asks Piyush to finish all food else he will beat him. Madhuri and her kids cry seeing Piyush having difficulty to have much food. Madhuri asks him to apologize to Bau ji. Bau ji asks if she will eat with him and finish the food. Madhuri cries. Piyush have all the food. Madhuri cries.

Sarika is going from there with her friend and see Piyush having food. Piyush sees Sarika and is shocked. Sarika leaves and is clueless. Bau ji asks Piyush to finish everything. Piyush coughs. Madhuri asks her daughter to bring water. Bau ji stops her and says he will have only food. After Piyush finishes food, Bau ji goes inside the house. Piyush’s condition is bad and he coughs. Madhuri cries.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhuri cries and curses herself. Piyush stops her. Later he tells his friend that he will expose Deepika infront of her parents.

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