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Dhhai Kilo Prem 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kunal asking Guru to go and says your bail is done. Kunal asks if Sarika came to bail him out. Kunal says your goon friend have done. He says your real name is Rishi and says you do criminal activities. Guru tells that he respect women and don’t don’t any illegal things. Kunal asks him to leave. Guru says he will not go and says he will make Tajmahal for his love. He goes and talks to someone, asks where to meet? Deepu and Piyush are in the car. Piyush laughs reading the joke. Deepu asks him to show else she will not drive the car. She says you are looking at my pic and laughing. Piyush says babu ji will scold you.

Deepu drives the car and stops as tyre gets in pit. Phone falls down from his hand. Deepu takes his phone. They have an eye lock. Inspector asks what is happening. Piyush says he was teaching car driving to her and shows her pic. Inspector laughs and asks him to teach her well and goes. Deepu scolds him. Piyush asks her to drive the car. Guru comes to meet Rahul and thanks him for bailing him out. He tells that he has applied for his marriage in court and asks him to check date and names. Rahul checks the court marriage papers. Guru says it is after 3 days. Once Guru leaves, Rahul thinks he will marry Meghna and can’t live without her even for a day. Court marriage is the best option.

Pankaj tells where is his umbrella. Piyush tells Madhuri that she hit the car and says Police guy also came and asks her to learn to take reverse gear first. Madhuri asks him not to tell Babu ji and get the car repaired. Piyush says he don’t have keys. Madhuri asks him to take car when Pankaj goes to shop. She asks if he is saying truth. Piyush shows the pic. Madhuri asks him to delete the pic. Piyush sees Pankaj coming and tells that he will not tell Babu ji. He falls down intentionally and shows the pic to Pankaj. Pankaj says if Bahu lied to me that she knows how to ride car then. He gets upset. Piyush thinks her vidaai is today surely. Madhuri tries to speak to him. Piyush says I will handle.

Rukmini talks to someone and invites them to see Rahul and get roka tomorrow. Ragini and Mishra ji ask her. Rukmini asks them not to make her understand. She says she wants lots of dowry so that it can be used by him later. Rahul agrees and thinks he will marry Meghna in 2 days.

Guru stalks Sarika as she buys lipstick for herself. He thinks she is like heroine and he can give life to her. Rahul calls him and asks to call Meghna. Guru comes behind Sarika. Sarika asks him not to come near her else she will file police complaint. He says he cant stop himself from coming closer to her and gives his phone. Sarika breaks his phone and smashes under her feet. She warns to complain in police and says she is not scared of him. Guru says he will find her house. He thinks nobody can stop me from making tajmahal for you. Piyush calls deepu and asks her to come. Deepu comes home and tells madhuri that she went to temple and got the Prasad. She comes to Pankaj.

Piyush says when you were reversing the car, you hit the car. Deepu asks when did it happen. Pankaj asks where is the dent and scolds Piyush. He asks Deepu to keep the keys and says he hits car even in dream. Piyush wonders and what happened. She tells him that she put hot water on the dent to make it alright. Piyush says when I don’t get the keys then how I will learn. He says my destiny is bad and says you get everything unlike me. Deepu thinks she didn’t get what she wants till now.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Guru tells Meghna that Rukmini is searching girl for Rahul. Meghna is shocked. Later Deepu and madhuri try to convince Pankaj to give car to Piyush. A man comes and asks Piyush to give scooter keys, as he bought it. Piyush is shocked.

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