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Dhhai Kilo Prem 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amit calling Piyush and telling that Deepu called and said that you forgot phone at home. Piyush gets shocked and thinks if Rashmi called on that phone. Deepu comes to the dhaba as she thinks Piyush must be there. She sees courier guy coming to the shop and asking for Piyush. Deepu receives the courier and thinks Piyush ordered dress for her. She reads the note and gets happy. She checks the dress and thinks it is extra small size, may be he forgot that I am not Deepika padukone, but Deepika Sharma. She thinks to exchange it and then thinks it is a surprise. When Piyush gives to her, then she will act to be surprised and get the dress exchanged. She asks dhaba guy to give dress to Piyush and don’t tell him that she has opened it. He says ok.

Guru comes back to his house. His friend asks if he came to know about the kheer. Guru tells that his Maati made that kheer. He says she is his mom and used to come and meet him in the orphanage. He says after the accident in orphanage, we couldn’t meet. He was too small to know what he was at the orphanage, and says when I meet her, I will questions her. He is hopeful that he will meet her when she comes to temple again.

Rahul comes home and asks Rukmini about Meghna. Rukmini asks him to eat and says she went out. She gives him lecture. Just then he gets a call from Meghna informing that she is kidnapped by some goons. He runs out. Rukmini gets happy hearing about the kidnapping. Piyush comes to the dhaba.. Dhaba owner gives him mobile and the parcel. He says you have a lovely wife. Piyush asks if she saw parcel. Owner says no and says she was happy. Piyush thinks good and tells that Sarika would be happy to see the gift. He calls her and says he will be coming in sometime.

Rahul comes to the shop and asks about Meghna. Salesman tells him that a car came and the goons took her in car, and shot gun also. Rahul gets worried. Rukmini calls him. Rahul tells that bullet was shot when she got kidnapped. Rukmini gets very happy and thinks to offer Prasad to God. He comes to the shop and asks if he saw his wife. Meghna is standing at the shop indisguise of a shop keeper and asks why did she joke. Meghna says she did this to get her old Rahul back and gave money to shop keeper to include him in her plan. She says I love you. Rahul says even I love you much. Meghna says since we got married, we are fighting, and promises to make everything fine. Rahul hugs her.

Piyush comes to meet Sarika. Sarika asks is everything alright. Piyush says everything is under controlled and Deepu don’t have any doubt till now. Sarika worries. Piyush says we will meet like this. Sarika says you didn’t come yesterday, I thought our story is over. Piyush asks her not to worry and says he is with her. He shows gif to her and asks her to see. She checks and says it is good. He asks her to wear it. Sarika says until when we will meet secretly, someday everyone will know. Piyush says when the time is right, they will tell everyone. Piyush asks if she will leave him. Sarika says no. They dance and have an eye lock.

Madhuri asks Deepu what she is making? Deepu says she wants to surprise Piyush and made his favorite dish. Madhuri asks if he surprises you. She says he brought pizza for me last time. Sarika comes there and meets Deepu. Deepu asks where were you? Sarika says here only. They go to room. Sarika asks about Piyush. Deepu says she is falling in love more and more with him. She says you and Piyush completes my life. She asks Sarika to marry soon. Sarika says all good guys are married. She says she is thinking to attract some married man. Deepu says she will find tall, handsome guy for her. Namrata comes there and asks Deepu to give her golden earrings and says she is getting late. Deepu says she will give. Namrata sees shopping bags and asks what did she buy. Sarika is shocked as the gift is in the bag which Piyush gave to her. Namrata and Deepu teases her. Madhuri asks her to have food. Deepu goes to make tea for her. Namrata asks Sarika to show the dress. Sarika shows it hesitantly and is tensed. Pragya comes and sees the dress. Deepu is bringing tree there. Sarika is shocked.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu finds the same dress in the room and questions Sarika. Sarika says something is going on between Piyush and me.

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