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Dhhai Kilo Prem 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Meghna and Rahul seeing Deepu and Piyush sitting ignoring each other. Rahul says they are sitting quietly since 20 mins and asks Meghna to go. Meghna comes to Piyush. Piyush says we will go. Meghna asks him to get icecream for her. Rahul says he will bring and asks what she wants to have. Meghna says strawberry flavor. Rahul says even he wants to have same thing. Deepu and Piyush tell that they want chocochip icecream. Shopkeeper says he has just 1 chocochip. Piyush asks him to give that to him and give other flavor to Deepu. Deepu argues with him and asks shop keeper to give chocochip to Piyush else he will start satyagrah here. Customer comes and takes that icecream. Piyush and Deepu looks on. They come out of icecream parlour and are about to go.

Meghna tells Piyush that she has to go urgently to her friend’s house as her mum is unwell. Piyush asks when did the call come? Rahul says when she was taking interview. Piyush asks if your friend don’t have family. Meghna says she is her best friend and shall help. Rahul offers to drop her and asks him to drop Deepu. Deepu says no. Rahul and Meghna leaves. Deepu thinks now Piyush have to talk to me. Piyush thinks I will drop her, but will not talk to her. He asks whoever wants to come, come and sit on back side of my scooter. A girl hears him and gets angry on him for flirting with him. Deepu laughs. Piyush tries to start his scooter, but it doesn’t start. Deepu indirectly offers to help him and starts scooter. Beggar asks them to give money. They give money to him. Beggar prays for their togetherness.

Ramakant calls Mishra ji and emotionally blackmails him taunting him asking how he will manage dowry. Mishra ji calls him cheap and ends the call. Ramakant says he will call again. Mishra ji cries badly thinking about Pragya’s demands. Piyush drops Deepu home and goes without noticing that his wallet is fallen. Deepu picks it up and thanks God, thinking Piyush will talk to him. Mishra ji sees Deepu’s pic and think he wants to give her happiness. Ramakant calls him again and says your values can’t give you 50 lakhs rupees, and says he will give inexchange of question papers. Mishra ji gets thinking and is going to school. He takes out his ring and keeps infront of God. Ragini gives him tiffin and asks what happened? Mishra ji says he is compromising with his values. Darshan talks to his friend and tells that his Papa never bring question papers home. Deepu scolds Darshan and asks him not to his friend. They talk about their values. Mishra ji thinks it is a matter of time. Deepu thinks what happened to him. Piyush thinks to sell insurance policy and then talk to Pankaj that he don’t want to marry Deepu. Deepu sends Piyush’s wallet pic to Piyush. Piyush thinks his wallet is with her, but he will not call her.

Mishra ji comes to school and thinks about Ramakant proposal. Rukmini comes to Ragini and asks her to come with her so that she can brighten her face. Ramakant asks Mishra ji what you have decided and says your silence is speaking everything. He says he will come to school with the money and asks him to bring question papers. Ramakant thinks he will take papers and will insult and maligned his reputation. Rukmini asks Ragini if Mishra ji managed to get the money. Ragini says no and hopes for some miracle to happen. Mishra ji calls Ragini and tells that a man Ramakant offered to give him 50 Lakhs rupees for his honesty and wants question papers. Ragini repeats the words and asks him to do it for Deepu. Rukmini hears them and smirks. Peon brings question papers to Mishra ji. Mishra ji is worried.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu tells Ramakant that she knows his intention. He says your father called to sell question papers and shows the money. Deepu is shocked.