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Dhhai Kilo Prem 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu bringing tea. Sarika is shocked. Tushar stops Deepu and says vegetable vendor came, and takes tea tray from her hand. Deepu goes. Sarika keeps the dress and relaxes.

Rukmini brings Meghna’s photo frame with garland on it. She acts to cry and mourns fakely. Neighbors come there wearing white clothes. Rukmini says she was very good and curses the goons for killing her. Neighbor asks where is her dead body. Rukmini says my son went to get her body. Rahul and Meghna come home. Neighbor tries to console him and says she left you so soon. Rahul thinks Rukmini died and runs inside the house. Mishra ji and Ragini come there. Meghna tells them what neighbor had said. They all run inside.Deepu says sorry to Sarika. Sarika says she is leaving now. Deepu

says I haven’t seen the dresses. Sarika says she will wear next time. Tushar comes and says he will bring the bags. He lifts the bags and dress falls out. Rahul comes inside and asks where is Maa kept. Neighbor says you went to bring dead body and asks where is it? Rahul, Mishra ji and Ragini are shocked. Rahul cries and mourns, saying how can you leave me Maa, so soon. Rukmini is in the house, and puts tilak on Meghna’s photo frame. She comes out and starts acting, saying they will go to Kanpur. Rahul asks what she is saying? Rukmini sees Meghna and shouts ghost. Meghna asks Ragini if this is Rukmini’s ghost. Rukmini says I am alive and asks how can you be alive. She asks Rahul and says you said she was shot. Rahul says she is fine. Ragini scolds her for calling people to mourn. Neighbor says she has become old. Rukmini thinks to kill Meghna. Mishra ji apologizes to them.
Deepu gets ready and thinks she acts well. She sees the dress on floor and thinks it might have fallen from Sarika’s shopping bag. She realizes it is the same dress which Piyush bought for her. She recalls Kunal telling about someone affair. She thinks of Sarika’s words and gets shocked. She cries and thinks why did Piyush give this dress to Sarika and if he gave then why Sarika hid from her. She won’t let it go.

Rukmini asks Rahul to come and have food. Rahul says he already had food with Meghna outside. Meghna asks him to sit till she finishes the food. Rahul says Meghna thinks about you. Rukmini thinks she is a sweet knife. Rahul sits down on the table while Rukmini have food. Meghna also sits. Rahul tells her that he is going to Delhi for 2-3 days for TV shows audition and asks her to come for an outing. Rukmini coughs. Meghna gives her water and asks if she is fine. Rahul asks her again. Meghna says she can’t come leaving Rukmini alone. Rahul says she is not alone. Meghna says we often forget our parents, but I am not like that, I will go if mummy ji accompany us. Rukmini thinks she will also act smart and asks Meghna to go. Meghna agrees. Rukmini thinks you will go but never return.

Deepu comes to Sarika’s house. Sarika asks if everything is alright. Deepu asks her to tell and gives dress in her hand and also the note. Sarika says her friend gave. Deepu asks her why she is lying and why can’t she tell her that Piyush Sharma is her special friend who gave her dress. Sarika is shocked. Deepu tells her that she had received this dress in the shop and thought Piyush wants to surprise her. She asks what is going on between them. Sarika says nothing. Deepu asks her to tell else three lives will be ruined. Sarika asks if I tell you, then you won’t believe me, if you think something is going on between us then something is going on surely. Deepu is about to slap her and says she was wrong about her. Sarika looks on.

Pandit ji sees Madhuri and calls Guru informing him that he saw the woman and asks him to come. Guru says he will come. Pandit ji asks Madhuri if she distributed kheer that day and tells that someone wants to meet her and asks her to wait. Namrata gets a call asking Madhuri to come, as pankaj is waiting to have food. Madhuri asks Pandit ji when will the guy come. Pandit ji asks her to wait. Guru comes there running. Pandit ji says she has gone to that side. Guru looks on.

Piyush comes to Sarika and asks her to tell what happened? Sarika tells him that Deepu saw the dress at Abdul Chacha’s shop and she has a doubt about us. Sarika says we shall tell truth to her. Piyush says this is happening because of Rashmi. Sarika says she can’t lose her best friend. Piyush says and I can’t lose. He says she is the only one who gives him happiness and says he will convince Deepu.

Deepu is walking on the road and thinks about Piyush and Sarika’s affair and lies. She cries.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush gets someone’s call from deepu’s phone informing about deepu’s accident. Mishra ji is also shocked. Piyush and others come to hospital and asks about Deepu. He asks if operation is done. Constable says doctors couldn’t save her. Piyush is shocked to see her dead body

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