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Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush asking Madhuri to open the door. Pankaj also asks her to open the door. Madhuri says both of you blame me, I shall end my life. Tushar asks her to think about them. Pankaj asks her to think about other kids. Madhuri says I bear everything, but not anymore. She says I can’t your insult and can’t see Piyush going. She lights the match stick and is about to burn herself. Piyush breaks the door and throws the match stick away. He asks are you mad? Madhuri cries. Piyush says I will do whatever you say, I will marry that Deepika, but promise me that you will not do this again. Madhuri and others cries. Pankaj is in shock and wipes his tears.

Later Piyush is with Madhuri. Madhuri says love happens eventually after marriage and asks him to see her goodness and not her defects. She says you will not get good girl than Deepika. Piyush rests on her lap. Piyush says I will marry Deepika if you want. Pankaj asks Madhuri, you didn’t think before taking this step. He says you didn’t think on whom I will take off my anger, and where your kids will take shelter and in whose lap. He asks her to kill everyone before doing this. He says he is going to sleep on the terrace as kerosene smell coming.

Deepu calls Piyush. Piyush disconnects the call. Kunal comes and asks him to pick the call. He picks the call and asks Piyush to talk to her. Deepu asks how are you? He says he is fine. Deepu asks what do you want to say? Piyush says nothing. Deepu says I will tell…says I…..Kunal says he will not say and says I will say I love you on his behalf. Deepu ends the call.

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Piyush gives 20 Rs. to Tushar and asks him to tell Deepu that he is not at home. He opens the door. Deepu comes inside and asks about Piyush. Tushar tells that he will not sleep entire night and thinks about you. Piyush gets angry. Deepu asks him to give something to Piyush and asks him to call her. She gives him money before going asking him to watch film. He thanks her and says I love you. Deepu says I love you too and goes. Piyush beats Tushar for calling her bhabhi. He says she gave him 100 Rs and you gave 20 Rs. Door bell rings again. Meghna comes and says she is getting disturbed. Piyush opens the door hesitantly. Madhuri comes and asks what happened? She checks the gift brought by Deepu. She thinks Piyush bought it for her and gets happy. They see card and anklet. Meghna says we forgot, but she remembers you. Madhuri comes and hugs him. Tushar says it was our idea. Madhuri asks how did you know that I need anklet. Piyush says we have not brought it and tells that Deepu brought it. Piyush says I want to tell something to you from my heart. He tells poetry praising his mum. Madhuri gets emotional.

Piyush says you are everyone’s jaan. Deepu comes there and says Piyush told me. She wishes her happy mother’s day. Piyush thinks why did this fatty came back again. Deepu thinks when did he came? Tushar asks her to meet hero. Deepu comes to him and says she came again to get her phone. He thanks her for the gift. Piyush asks her to spend time with her Maa and says he will spend time with his mum. Meghna makes Madhuri wear it. Madhuri likes it. Madhuri asks him to get gift for Ragini. He says he will think and buy. Meghna says we shall do something together. Piyush says my mummy will come leaving her work. Meghna says she will call Ragini and Darshu. They think to enjoy till Pankaj comes. Piyush is angry and thinks to do something to break the marriage.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu and Piyush dance in the mother’s day party. Sarika asks Piyush to back off if he thinks that he can’t take care of Deepu. Deepu asks what?

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