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Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush practicing to tell Deepu that the dress was given by Amit and he had just ordered it. He continues practicing and comes home. Madhuri tells him that Deepu haven’t returned home, now it is 11:30 pm. Piyush says I will call her. Madhuri says she called and said that she has taken a decision. Piyush is shocked. Madhuri says she is afraid and asks did you talk to her. Piyush recalls Sarika telling him that Deepu came to know about them. He says he will call Kunal. Rukmini thinks she will burn Meghna alive and plots her murder.

Kunal gets worried and tells that he will find out about her. He asks Piyush why Deepu was angry. Ragini and Mishra ji come there worried. Piyush says he will apologize to her. Kunal asks them to go home. Kunal gets a call informing that Deepu is found. Piyush takes the call and says Deepika, please forgive me. The person (Guru) on call tells that she is not in a state to talk, as she met with an accident and was taken for operation. He asks him to come to city hospital. Rukmini thinks to pour oil on the stairs to make her fall down. Meghna comes and asks what happened? Rukmini says she is trying to make food for her. Meghna says she will make in the morning and asks her to sleep. She thinks Deepu’s work is working. Rukmini keeps the oil back and cuts the cylinder pipe to kill her.

They come to the hospital. Piyush asks if the operation is done. Constable says doctor can’t save her. Piyush says I will take your life and asks him to tell where is she? Kunal tells Piyush that she is dead. He asks if she was really Deepika. Constable gives her phone and asks him to send Piyush to identify her body. Mishra ji and Ragini cries badly. Madhuri also cries. Piyush cries and sits down. Kunal asks him to come to morgue and identify her. He takes him to morgue. Piyush says he can’t lift the cloth. Kunal asks him to lift him. Madhuri, Mishra ji and Ragini also come there. Piyush lifts the cloth and sees her face. They all are shocked. Mishra ji and Ragini cries badly. Piyush cries and calls her to get up. Sarika rushes to hospital. She hears Piyush crying and runs inside. She sees her dead and is shocked. She asks what happened to you. Kunal says he don’t know if she had an accident with truck or jumped infront of it.

Mishra ji says it is destiny. Sarika says Piyush would have changed her destiny and says she didn’t die, but he has killed her. She tells Kunal that Deepika died because of him and asks Piyush why didn’t you tell her truth. Piyush says he didn’t know that matters will reach here. She tells Piyush that Deepu loves you a lot and can do anything for you. How she could bear that we are having an affair. She asks Kunal to arrest her also. She says when you came to me, I asked you to stay away from me and tell everything to her. She says now see what happened. They see Deepu sitting and having apple. Everyone wipe the tears. Mishra ji and others leave. Kunal says his acting dream fulfilled because of her and says thank you. He leaves. Piyush asks what is happening. Deepu asks them to tell. Sarika says there is nothing between us.

Deepu says I know that there is nothing between you both, I came to know this when she told me. I thought when Piyush can feigned heart attack to bring me back home then he can’t have an affair with Sarika. She says I know you both were cooking some khichdi and asks them to say. Piyush says how could you do this. Deepu says I was walking on the road when I met Guru, he gave me this idea. Then she met Kunal and made this plan. She says Guru called you and asked to come here. Piyush asks why she cracked such bad joke. Deepu says even you have made joke of heart attack and says she told everyone before doing this except you both. She asks him to say. Piyush says I would have gotten real heart attack. Sarika says I will tell you. Piyush gives his promise to Sarika. Deepu stops Sarika from telling her. Piyush seems to be angry with deepu and goes.

At home, Tushar, Amit and Kunal talk about Piyush. Deepu says she don’t think he has an affair. Tushar says he would have been learning cooking from her. Kunal says no. Amit says he would have been planning Deepu’s birthday. Deepu says no and tells about Rashmi. He says she blackmailed him and he gave marriage ring to her. Amit shares his idea with her. Deepu thinks to try it.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rukmini talks to Rahul. He says Meghna is making tea and he will go after drinking it. Deepu sees spy cam footage and tells Kunal that Piyush is going to Sarika’s house.

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