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Dhhai Kilo Prem 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sarika sleeping in room. Guru is seen sitting beside her on her bed. Deepu tells Piyush that she is going to sleep in Meghna’s room. Piyush says I will not care for you. Deepu slips and feels pain in her foot. Piyush asks her to be quiet and applies ointment. He says if you don’t get fine then how can you go to Meghna’s room. She says she will sleep here itself. Piyush asks her to sleep there itself. He helps her get up and asks if she is fine. She nods yes and falls on him. Rang De song plays…..Piyush asks are you fine and asks her to walk and show him. Deepu walks and thanks him. Piyush asks if you wants to sleep in Meghna’s room. Deepu says no, but have to go. Piyush says ok and gives her pillow and blanket. He makes her wear slippers. Piyush asks if you can go. Deepu says I am feeling as you are bidding me bye. Piyush says 60 days are not far. Deepu says she will go. Piyush asks her to close the door.

Sarika is still sleeping. Guru admires her and picks Rahul’s call. He asks him to check the time. Rahul asks him to make arrangements for today itself. Guru says ok and eyes Sarika. Sarika wakes up and finds Guru staring her. She asks what you are doing here and asks him to get out. He says no lock can stop me. She says she will call Police. He snatches phone from her hand and says the matter is about us. Sarika shouts mummy, papa. He keeps hand on her mouth and says he is in the room since an hour and didn’t do anything. He says he don’t disrespect woman. Sarika asks him to go else she will break his head. He says he will wait for her and gives his phone number. Sarika asks if he is mad and asks him to go. Rahul says next time, you will talk to me. She closes the window and is scared.

Mishra ji sees Rahul going in night and asks where is he going? Rahul says he is going to Delhi for Ad film. Mishra ji says ok. Rahul asks him to bless him. Mishra ji blesses him and asks if he told Maa. Rahul says Maa don’t worry about me. Mishra ji says she is your mum. Rahul says he is getting late and goes. Meghna finds the blade kept by Pragya and hides seeing Deepu coming there. Deepu says she felt that she needs someone to talk and that’s why she came. Meghna says she loves Rahul and wants to marry him, don’t want to marry someone else like Piyush.

Deepu asks her to say. Pragya hears them. Meghna praises Rahul and says she loves him much. Deepu says even she loves him much and says she will talk to him. Meghna says he asked me to come, and asks her to let her meet him else sleep. Deepu says I have taken your responsibility and will not let you go. Meghna asks her to move and says she will go. Deepu says she will talk to Rahul. Meghna threatens to kill herself and asks her to let her go. Deepu agrees to let her meet Rahul and says I will also come with you. She hugs her. Pragya thinks this is more than I hope.

Deepu takes Meghna to inhouse temple. She prays God to protect them and give them strength. Deepu thinks to tell Piyush, but Meghna asks her not to tell him. Deepu and Meghna leave from the house. Pragya smiles and thinks you don’t know that this will be last step of yours from this house. Meghna comes and hugs Rahul. Rahul sees Deepu there and asks what she is doing here. Deepu says she brought her here as Meghna insisted and says they need to return in 10 mins. Meghna asks Rahul, what they want to talk. Rahul asks her to sit outside. Deepu says she will sit there itself and asks them to talk. Meghna says she was worried about him. Rahul asks do you trust me. Meghna says yes. Rahul asks will you marry me.

Meghna says yes. Rahul says we will go to court and marry. Meghna asks what about our families. Rahul says we will get married and go far from here. Meghna says they can’t elope, and tells Pankaj is unwell and Deepu brought her here with trust. Rahul says nobody will support us and will not listen to Deepu. He says this is the only way, we have to elope from here. Meghna refuses. Rahul asks her to go and listen to her family. He says he will also marry with his mum choice. He asks her to choose between him and her family. He says I have decided to see tomorrow morning with you else no. He asks if you are with me. Meghna gives her hand in his hand. Deepu signs him time is up. Meghna says how we will elope now. Rahul shares plan with her. Meghna nods.


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