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Dhhai Kilo Prem 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rahul thanking Deepu for bringing Meghna there. Deepu says I am sure that you will win everyone’s heart in one year and says she will get them married. Meghna hugs her and apologizes for hurting her heart. Deepu asks why they are becoming formal and tells that they have to reach home before anyone else know. They come out of hotel. Guru is in the car, opens the door and takes Meghna inside. Deepu tries to run after the car, but her saree pallu gets stuck. Rahul runs after the car, and tells Deepu not to worry about Meghna, and that he will take care of her. Deepu is shocked to know that they are eloping.

Pragya thinks to tell everyone that Deepu helped them meet and thinks if she tells them then they will ask her why didn’t she stop them. She asks herself to wait patiently and says this time the moti have to be insulted much. Meghna cries and tells that Deepu trusted her a lot. Guru asks shall he send her back. Rahul says he will handle her and asks about the stay. Guru says yes and asks them to reach court in morning. Rahul says it is a matter’s time, nobody can separate us. Deepu calls Kunal and tells him that Meghna was taken in car infront of her eyes. Kunal asks about Van color and the kidnapper. Deepu says Guru pulled Meghna inside the car. Kunal asks her to return and says he is coming.

Namrata asks what happened? Kunal says he will tell later. Pragya tells that Meghna and deepu are not in room. Piyush is shocked. Kunal says Meghna eloped with Rahul. Madhuri is shocked too. Pragya blames Deepu for making her elope. Namrata says she has taken her responsibility, why she will do this. Pragya says she is concerned for her mayka than Sasural. Madhuri is about to faint. Piyush asks her to have water and asks Pragya not to tell Pankaj. Kunal and Piyush go to search her. Namrata blames Deepu now. Pragya gets happy and says you will be ruined in responsibility fire, and will be kick out.

Piyush calls Deepu and asks where are you? Deepu says she is there itself. She runs to him and hugs him crying. She says she couldn’t do anything. Piyushs asks her to tell clearly. Deepu says they have eloped together, and says Guru pulled her inside the van. Piyush asks if she is lying and blames her for making her escape. He says why did you bring Meghna here. Deepu says Meghna threatened to cut her veins and that’s why I brought here here, she didn’t give me a chance to inform you. Piyush blames her even now. Deepu says ok, it was my mistake, I will search them. Piyush asks her to go home silently and says you have played enough game. He makes her sit in auto and leaves in jeep. Kunal is searching for Meghna. Deepu thinks she can’t go without Meghna. Deepu calls Kunal and asks if he could find anything. He says no.

Deepu tells that may be that car number’s last digit is 65. Kunal says now it will be easy to search them. Guru asks Rahul to take her to hotel and says he has made all the arrangements. Meghna says she can’t stay in hotel. Rahul asks if she don’t trust her. Meghna says she trusts him, but can’t go to hotel. She says we shall go to court and wait. Sarika calls Deepu and tells her that she is scared, as Guru came to her bedroom 1-2 hours back. Deepu asks if he told something. Sarika asks what happened? Deepu tells her that Rahul and Meghna eloped with Guru’s help. Sarika searches for his number and tells that she couldn’t find it. Pankaj wakes up and calls Madhuri. Madhuri wipes her tears and goes inside. Pankaj says he needs water. Madhuri gives him water and asks him to sleep Pankaj says he is worried about Meghna, and says her life will be ruined, he wants her betterment. Madhuri says I know and asks him to rest.

Piyush thinks how can Meghna trust that goon Guru. He sees cream color van and follows the van. He stops his van before that van. He is shocked.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush slaps Rahul in court. Meghna stops him and says she has accepted Rahul as her husband and says you don’t have right to raise hand on my husband. Piyush is shocked.

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