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Dhhai Kilo Prem 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pankaj telling Piyush to write that Vilas Pur Mama was coming. Bua says if we invite one, then all Vilas pur people will come and will give nothing. Madhuri says it is their son’s marriage. Bua says my brother has only a kirana shop. Pankaj asks her to keep quiet and asks Piyush to invite his friends. He tells that he will invite Amit. Pankaj signs Madhuri. His phone rings and disconnects the call. Rukmini asks Deepu to talk later and check saree first. Ragini asks her to try and select. Piyush disconnects the call again and again. Madhuri says I will talk and asks him to give phone to her. She picks the call and talks to Deepu. She then asks him to talk to Deepu. Piyush takes the call. Deepu asks him to help her in selecting the saree. Piyush asks her to wear whatever she likes. Deepu asks him to tell which color to wear. Piyush says black. Deepu says it is a strange choice. She says you don’t want to marry me as your independence will be gone, but this will not happen after marriage. He says Amit is calling him and tries to end the call. Deepu asks if she will look fat in lehenga. Piyush asks why she wants to hide her fat. Deepu likes his talks. He says I want to tell something and is about to tell that he don’t want to marry, but then stops thinking about Madhuri.

Mishra ji comes home. Ragini says I will give water to you. Mishra ji tells that he have to give money to many people for marriage arrangements. His brother says I have money and asks him not to worry. Rukmini asks him to pay loan first and asks them to check kundli first else abshagun will happen. Mishra ji says he will manage the expenses and tells that they haven’t matched the kundli. Ragini gets irked and says she always talks bad. Deepu tells that we are bearing tai ji since 2 days and feels pity on Taya ji. She says he has gone bald since his marriage. Ragini says taya ji is nice man. Deepu says cute also. She tries the saree. Ragini asks Deepu to have faith on herself and on God, and asks her to stay there only after marriage. Deepu says they will take care of us and praises Piyush. Ragini asks her to be happy always.

Mishra ji family are dancing with the guest. Ladies says guys are not allowed. Deepu says It will be fun if Papa stays here. A lady asks him to sing song. Mishra ji sings song and dances with Deepu. He gets teary eyes and emotional. Deepu hugs him. Later she cries hugging her family album. She hears the noise and thinks Papa is not getting sleep. She searches for mishra ji. A goon is seen hiding outside the kitchen. Deepu drinks water and senses someone presence in the house. She asks Papa, are you there? Goon hides. She sees goon stealing in the house and shouts thief…thief. Goon holds Rukmini at knife point. Mishra ji asks him to take whatever he wants, but leave Rukmini. Goon asks them to move and let him go. He asks someone to open the door. Darshu opens the door. He pushes Rukmini and escapes. Rukmini is scared.

Inspector comes and tells Mishra ji that he shouldn’t have kept big amount at home. Mishra ji says it was for marriage. Deepu tries to cheer him up. Mishra ji says he is worried about Ragini. Taya ji says we all are together.

Namrata asks florist to do the work fast and asks Piyush to go to parlour. Piyush says what I will do there? Namrata asks him to get facial done. Piyush refuses and thinks he has to do something. He comes to room and hears Kunal talking to Constable who informs him about the theft in Mishra ji’s house. Piyush smiles. Kunal says he might be Raka Tyagi and asks him not to make the news public. Piyush asks what happened? Kunal says theft happened in your sasural. Piyush says we shall cancelled the roka. Kunal asks him to shut up and says he will not leave Raka. Piyush asks him to tell about Raga. He imagines Mishra ji apologizing to Pankaj and Pankaj breaking the roka ceremony. He thanks God and asks him to protect Raka.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ragini says how we will make the arrangements and says 2 lakhs are needed. Man asks for full amount in advance. Mishra ji gets tensed. Deepu is sad too.

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