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Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu coming to Pankaj’s house with Mishra ji and Ragini. Meghna opens the door. Madhuri asks if everyone is fine at home. Deepu says there is nothing fine. Piyush asks what happened? Deepu says did you know that tomorrow is our haldi. Mishra ji gets tensed and recalls his dream. Piyush asks what happened? Deepu says your family asked dowry from us. Everyone is shocked. Kunal looks doubtfully at Piyush. Pankaj asks dowry. Deepu says my papa have brought me up with so much love and fixed this alliance as he thought we both like each other. I didn’t know that my Baba have to bribe you, and says I am not in a market to buy him. Pankaj asks what nonsense and asks her not to forget that she is his to be bahu. Deepu says now I understood why a parents get upset when a daughter is born to them as they know that their daughter’s marriage will cost them heavily, and says if the daughter is fat like me then they have to sell house too. Ragini says we shall go from here. Mishra ji fears that she will stab herself. Deepu says I can’t hurt you more and that’s why taken a decision. Mishra ji says I won’t let you give your life and shouts.

Deepu says I will not give my life for them, and says never. Mishra ji hugs Deepu. Deepu wipes his tears and says don’t you know that I am not from those girls who will commit suicide or get burned at the hands of her inlaws. She says mistake is not yours, but theirs, as they are selling their sons. She says what is Piyush’s price. Pragya asks her not to talk much. Deepu says when in ancient times, a servant is bought, that servant life is of that employer. She says now Piyush have to give his earrings and time to my parents as they are buying him. Everyone is shocked. Deepu says I have equal right on you as my parents, and says my parents are buying ghulaam for me. Pankaj asks her to shut up and says you have insulted us so much. Deepu says not much like you have insulted. Madhuri says nobody from our family asked dowry else we would have known. Deepu says what you are saying that you don’t know and I am lying. She says I will never marry and stay unmarried all life.

Pankaj asks her to stop her nonsense and says we haven’t asked dowry. Mishra ji says my daughter is not lying and asks pankaj to think about the conversation. Pankaj says when did I ask? Mishra says ok, but your sister have asked directly and gave list too. Pragya refuses to agree and says you are putting blame on me to hide your sin. Deepu says she asked for dowry. Pankaj says he will not ask Pragya as he knows that his sister will not do anything against his wish. Mishra ji says your sister asked. Deepu says he will not listen to us. Pankaj says why he is blaming him when caught while taking bribe. Deepu tells that she will end this matter for once and all, and refuse to give dowry. She refuses to marry. Mishra ji and Ragini are shocked. Pankaj and his family are shocked too. Piyush is standing silent. Deepu asks Mishra ji to come with him. Piyush looks at Pragya. Kunal looks angrily at Piyush.

Mishra ji, Ragini and Deepu come back. Taya ji asks what happened? Mishra ji says they refused to asked dowry and says Deepu have broken the alliance. Ragini says how her marriage will happen now. Rukmini gets happy and says how your parents will show face to society. She says you are not princess whose prince comes on white horse. Taya ji asks Rukmini to keep quiet.

Amit brings sweets and asks Piyush to have it. Piyush is sad. Amit asks if he fell for Deepu. Piyush says I don’t want to marry her, but don’t want to ruin her father’s respect. Amit says yes, now what to do. Piyush says don’t know if they have reached home or not. Amit asks him to call her, and says marriage is cancelled, but not friendship. Deepu looks at Piyush’s pic and cries. Rahul and Darshan come to her. Sad version of Dhhai kilo prem plays….Darshan says sorry and says he couldn’t do anything. Deepu asks him not to be sad. Rahul says we will search a good groom for you. Deepu says no guy can be suitable for me than Piyush. Just then her phone rings. She sees Piyush’s call. Darshan gives her phone and leaves with Rahul.

Deepu picks the call and asks Piyush why did he call? She says I can go to any extent to save our relation, but can’t put my parents’ respect on stake. She asks why you were silent when my Papa was getting blamed to take bribe and when his bahu refused. She says I think I had much hopes from you and ends the call. Amit asks what did she say? Piyush says this thing should have not happened. Kunal comes and says I know that dowry was demanded from this house and says you have maligned someone’s respect. He asks him to make everything fine if he wants to look in his own’s eyes and goes.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhuri tells Pankaj that they will not get good girl than Deepu. Pankaj says she has insulted us so much and has blamed pragya. He says we will send their stuff in the morning. Piyush brings Shukla, peon to Police station and he gives statement that Mishra ji is innocent and Ramakant framed him. Piyush looks on as he gives statement to Kunal.

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