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Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmini fighting with Tau ji verbally. Tau ji asks her to be quiet. Mishra ji asks Ragini about the money which they have after the theft at home. Ragini says they have only 35000 left and says roka expenses is 2 Lakhs rs. Mishra ji says he will talk to Pankaj and cancel the roka. Ragini says they will feel bad and asks him to take loan. He says he can’t take loan again and tells that he will talk to someone. Piyush tells Amit that they don’t have money now. Amit says if their jewellery is stolen then? Piyush says then it will be wonder. He gets Kunal’s call and pretends to be sad. Kunal tells that he will tell Pankaj not to go to Mishraj house and keep roka at his house. He says I will tell him. Piyush says he will inform Pankaj and tells Amit that they will go to roka ceremony with more guests to insult them. Mishra ji tells Tau ji that cook is not agreeing, and asking for advance.

Tau ji asks him not to worry and gives money, asks him to make good arrangements. Mishra ji says we can’t take money from you. Tau ji says Deepu is my daughter also. Ragini asks him to take it and says we will return later. Rukmini is upset. Deepu says she will go and give money to the caterer or cook. She thanks Tau ji. Tau ji says you are my daughter and tigress. They sing tara rum pum pum. Rukmini drops dahi on her saree and says inauspicious thing happened because of you.
Deepu gives money to Caterer. He says he wants 50 percent advance atleast. Deepu requests him. Caterer refuses to take order. Deepu asks him to trust her. Caterer asks her to get money in 1 hour else he will not let her guests enter.

Pragya Bua tells that she will eat at Piyush’s sasural and asks what did they make? Piyush tells that they might have kept many dishes. Pragya Bua asks about the shagun and asks Madhuri to talk to them. Madhuri says we don’t want any shagun. She asks Piyush to go to Deepu’s home and give her chunari. Piyush gets up. Namrata says she will go and give chunari to Deepu. Deepu gets tensed and prays to God to do something. Sarika and her friends come there. Deepu tells that they don’t have money as it was stolen. She says I thought to make food along with you all. Sarika says we need things to make food. Deepu has some money, but not much. Sarika says she has money which she kept for Mumbai trip and will use that. Deepu refuses to take her help. Sarika jokes that she will take it back with interest. Deepu hugs her.

Rukmini scolds Tau ji for giving 50000 Rs. to Mishra ji and tells about the past incident. Tau ji tells her that Ragini didn’t do anything then also and asks her to change her thinking. Deepu and Sarika along with other bring the ration. Caterer asks what is this? Deepu says they will make food as she don’t have money to pay him. Caterer says it is not a joke to make food of 200 people. Deepu says they will manage. Sarika asks him to return the money which they gave as advance. Deepu asks him to keep the money with him and let them use gas, stove and the utensils to make food, and promises to return them safely.

Namrata comes to Mishra ji’s house. Rukmini opens the door. Namrata thinks of her as a servant, and asks her to call owner. She says she is not a servant and owners are not at home. They have a heated argument. Namrata gives her mata ki chunari and asks her not to throw it else her hairs will fall, and goes. Rukmini thinks to take revenge.

Deepu and her friends are making food. Sarika tells that she is trying to make dal, but it is not made. Deepu checks and asks her to light the stove. She checks others stoves and says it is empty too. Sarika says it is Caterer’s work. She says how we will make food now. Deepu is shocked. Friends tell that they will bring cylinder from their house. Deepu says no. Sarika says we will buy cylinder in black. Deepu says I will not do anything wrong. She asks her friends to do other work till they buy the gas. She asks Sarika to come.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu comes to the cylinder agency and asks for 2-3 cylinder. They refuse to give. Piyush tells Pankaj that he has invited his office colleagues. Deepu prays to God to do something.

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