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Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu thinking Piyush just now had meeting with Bhargav and thinks where is he going now. Kunal on phone as Deepu where is he going? Deepu says he is going to Sarika’s house. He comes to Sarika and asks why she is still angry with him. Sarika says she shouldn’t have supported him. Piyush says you saw happiness on my face when I am with you, do you want to snatch happiness from me. Sarika holds his hand. Tushar says he is betraying Deepu.

Deepu says Piyush can’t do this. Kunal says we can’t ignore the doubt. Piyush keeps bag on bed and they couldn’t see anything. Deepu thinks what to do. Meghna tells Rahul that now she can’t go with him, as her exam dates came. Rahul says even his shoot is postponed and they will go some other time. Meghna tells him that Deepu’s idea worked to keep smiling. Rahul says moti is useful. Meghna says she will fulfill her father’s dream to see them educated. Rukmini thinks today you was saved because of my son, but you can’t sit in exams.

Deepu reaches Sarika’s house and hears Sarika saying she will change her clothes, Piyush tells her that he will change his shirt and asks her to come soon. Sarika says you are always in hurry. Deepu is shocked and tries to peep from the window. She thinks how can they betray me. Piyush asks Sarika to play the music. Sarika plays the song and starts dancing with Piyush. Dil dhadakne do plays…Deepu thinks Sarika is teaching dance to Piyush, but why did he hide this truth from me, don’t he trust me. She goes inside the house. Sarika and Piyush stops dancing. Sarika switches off music system and tries to talk to her. Deepu asks her to go as it is between them. Sarika goes. Deepu says you comes here to dance daily and says I am your wife and best friend, don’t you trust me. You would have told me and asks why did you hide this. Piyush says he learns dance from Sarika daily. Deepu says you dances so well, I have seen you dancing on her birthday. Piyush says he has hidden from her as people will laugh if they see aloo like him dancing and his family is too conservative. Deepu says what did he think that she will laugh at him. She says she is feeling really bad and thought he will love her one day, but she is not suitable to be his friend too. Deepu cries. Piyush gets teary eyes too.

Meghna is studying and talking to her friend on phone. Rukmini opens the window and waits for her to step on the glass piece. Meghna steps on it and the glass pieces breaks, she falls on it and hurts her hand. She shouts in pain as her hand gets injured. Rukmini thinks now I will see how she will write her exam and patch up with her father. Meghna cries in pain.

Piyush follows Deepu and asks her to listen. Deepu says I will not listen to you and asks if Sarika is more good friend than me. Piyush says I hid this truth from you, as I am fat and thought you will laugh at me. He says he is saying as he thought. He says he was fat since childhood. He says he didn’t tell Sarika, she came to know this unintentionally. He tells him that Rashmi was his dance teacher and used to take fees for teaching him dance and also to keep it a secret. I had kept extra phone to talk to her. Later she used to blackmail me. I used to fulfill her demands, but one day she asked for a heavy price. I couldn’t fulfill her demand. She came to restaurant and blackmailed him. He gives his marriage ring to her.

One day Sarika saw me with Rashmi and told that she is a blackmailer, used to dance with her before. He says Sarika offers to teach me dance, that’s why I left going to Rashmi then also she used to blackmail me for money. Deepu holds his hand and says you have tolerated everything alone. Dancing is good, I would have felt proud of you. Piyush says people used to call him by different names and that’s why he has hidden the fact from her. He apologizes to her. Deepu holds his hand and says even I am sorry for reacting and for hiding camera in your bag. Piyush is surprised and laughs. Deepu also laughs. Piyush says whatever you did is right. Deepu says others are doubting you also and says we shall tell everyone. Piyush says no and says this is one of the reason, why I didn’t tell you. He says when he used to take part in ram leela, Pankaj used to object and says it is ban in our house. He asks her to promise him that she will not tell to anyone. Deepu says she is his best friend and will do for his betterment only.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rahul informs Deepu that Meghna has fallen and is hurt. Tushar asks Deepu what is the secret. Deepu says Piyush is a massage therapist. Piyush meets meghna and promises to lower her pain. Deepu asks Piyush to participate in the dance competition.

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