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Dhhai Kilo Prem 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pankaj coming home and sees the house decorated. He asks if there is someone’s birthday today. Madhuri gives him water and says Piyush got a big success today. Piyush gives him cheque. Pankaj takes out the cheque from the envelope and asks from where did you get the money. Madhuri says he has won the money in a burger eating competition. Pankaj recalls overfeeding him food and pats on Piyush’s back. Piyush gets glad and says now you can expand the shop and tells that he made the list for the things need to be brought and shows him list. Tushar and Meghna get impressed. Pankaj gives credit to Deepika. Piyush asks him not to praise Deepika. He says he had eaten everything. Madhuri says Deepu was motivating him. Meghna says this is not right. Piyush says she is right and tells that she asked him to be the man, and says he has proved that he is a man. He reminds her of 60 days challenge and tells that he will win. Pragya asks what you are saying. Piyush turns to Pankaj and tells him that the cooker cakes sold in his shops were made by Deepika herself and not any Sarika’s friend.

Pragya pretends to be shocked and says you have lied to Bhaiyya, and says our bahu is doing work outside. Piyush says yes, your bahu is working outside. Pankaj is shocked to hear that and stands up. He asks Deepika to come near him and asks what he is listening. He asks Madhuri if she knows this. Deepu says her father told that they all have to work whenever the family is in trouble. Pankaj says this is not your mayka, but sasural. He says bahu handles kitchen here, but men earns money, I don’t like any change in this. Deepu gets teary eyes and thinks she won’t let Piyush win so easily. She calls Pankaj and apologizes to him. She says I have done a big mistake, and apologizes. She says she don’t want to hurt him and just wanted to help him. She cries.

Pankaj says ok and asks him to stop crying. Pragya asks how can you forgive her. Pankaj asks she is apologizing to me, what shall I do, shall I hang her. Piyush says this is wrong. Pankaj tells Piyush that if he digested this with the food, and says if she does any mistake then he will hold his neck. Deepu smiles. Piyush gets angry and goes. Madhuri tells Deepu that her tears have done wonders. Deepu says women have this one ornament. Madhuri tells that Pankaj loves her and that’s why forgiven her. She asks her to go to Piyush. Deepu hugs her and thinks she will change Pankaj’s thinking, first will handle Piyush.

Mishra ji brings burger and says he made special burger for everyone. Rukmini says her stomach will get disturbed with this. Ragini asks about the competition. Mishra ji tells that Deepu called him and told that Piyush had burgers and won the competition. Mishra ji praises him and says Pankaj must have felt proud. Rahul says he was not there at that time. Mishra ji and Rukmini asks if he was there. He says no and says he saw Pankaj at the shop.

Deepu comes to room. Piyush gets angry for her as Pankaj scolded him. Deepu says she has a charm. Piyush says your charm will go when you have a short hairs. Deepu says she has not lost, but has won. She says we are two bodies and one soul. Piyush gets irritated and asks her to go.

Rahul is standing outside Pankaj’s house. He makes a cat sound. Deepu brings milk for cat hearing meow meow. She is shocked to see Rahul and asks why did you come here? Rahul says he came to meet her. Deepu says she understands and tells that she saw him with Meghna in the burger shop. She says she has no problem with their friendship and asks him not to taught lie Meghna. Rahul says he is not teaching her wrong. Deepu says if anyone had seen you then they would have made your timetable. Rahul asks what to do, as everyone get angry seeing me. Deepu says let her concentrate on studies and asks him to concentrate on his career.

Rahul says he is not a kid and asks if she could done her betterment. He says nobody listens to you at home, and your Piyush ji don’t love you, and you are teaching me love paath. He says you can’t handle your life and trying to lecture me. Piyush comes there and slaps him hard. He says Deepu is not only your sister, but my wife too and if you talk to my wife like this, then I will bury you alive. He asks him to leave before he starts beating him. Deepu gets emotional hearing his words. Piyush holds Deepu’s hand and takes her inside. He then realizes what he said. Deepu and Piyush look at each other…..rang de mohe apne rang se…plays…Piyush leaves her hand. He goes to room and closes it. Deepy is happy and thanks God. She says somebody Piyush will accept me as his wife. She smiles recalling Piyush holding her hand.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush tells Deepu that he is waiting for morning when he will see her with short hairs. Deepu comes to hall. Everyone is shocked. Piyush smiles.

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