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Dhhai Kilo Prem 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu asking Piyush to open her eyes once and see her. Piyush opens his eyes and see her. Deepu gets happy aand emotional and signs her to sit. He holds her hand. Deepu cries kissing his hand. She says sorry and blames herself responsible. She promises him that she will not go anywhere leaving him and will do as he says, and asks him to be fine. Piyush is weak, but tries to get up. She asks what do you want? Piyush says water. Deepu takes water and makes him drink with spoon. She again holds his hand and says no triple cheese pizza for few days. Piyush nods. Mishra ji and Ragini come there. Kunal says Doctor said he is fine and needs to be in observation. Mishra ji and Ragini tell that his age is young to have a heart attack. Pragya blames Deepu for his condition.

Mishra ji asks Pankaj to tell him if he needs anything. Pankaj takes out his anger on him and says you should have kicked them out. Mishra ji says if kids apologize then they shall forgive them. He says just like you have accepted my daughter, I have accepted your daughters. Pankaj asks him to just be concerned about Piyush and not anything else. Ragini says we shall go and see Piyush.

Just then they see Meghna and Rahul coming. Pankaj asks why did you come? Meghna says she wants to meet Piyush once. Tushar and Madhuri ask him to let Meghna meet him once for Piyush. Pankaj says she is dead. Mishra ji asks him to let her meet him. Pankaj asks him not to interfere. Meghna tells that she brought raksha dhaaga for him. Madhuri is about to take it. Pankaj stops her and warns her. Meghna tells Madhuri that everyone takes care of her so much and asks her not to worry. Rahul says we have done wrong and hopes you forgive us. He takes Meghna with him. Deepu asks Piyush not to worry and says once you get fine, I will make you meet her. She says she will make soup and bring his medicines. Piyush says Tushar knows. He holds her hand and asks if she will stay here. She says yes.

Meghna and Rahul come on the window. She asks are you fine? Piyush says yes. Meghna says until Bhabhi is with you, nothing can happen to you. She shows the raksha thread. Deepu says she will tie. Meghna says if Papa feels bad? Deepu says if Piyush gets fine with this then nobody will have any problem. Meghna cries and asks him to be fine soon. They leave.

Deepu tells Piyush that Meghna misses him. Piyush says even he miss her. Deepu says life is short and that’s why they shall not keep their loves ones far.

Meghna and Rahul come home. Rukmini opens the door and asks if she was welcomed with aarti. Rahul says her bhaiyya is unwell. Rukmini says seeing meghna’s sad face, she thought she has food of her brother’s 13th day. Meghna asks why she is cursing him. Rukmini curses him for death. Meghna is shocked. Rahul tells Rukmini that if she troubles Meghna then he will call police. She says she thought she had given birth to Shravan Kumar, but he is mad about her. Rahul asks her to stop her drama. Rukmini slaps him. Meghna asks Rahul to come with him. Rukmini says what you said that if tea falls on her then you will send me to jail. She tells that she will not touch Meghna, but will emotionally hurt her with her tongue.

Deepu boils the milk and makes it comes to normal temperature. Pragya comes and holds her hand asking her to go out. Deepu says she don’t understand. Pragya asks her to just leave. Deepu says Piyush is unwell and she will not go anywhere. Pragya says girls like you don’t deserve to stay in sasural. Deepu says she will go to her husband as he needs her. Pragya blames her for Piyush’s condition and tries to drag her out. Deepu shouts saying she will not go. Pankaj comes. Deepu asks him to see what Bua is doing. Pankaj warns her asking her how dare she to call him Papa, and says you lost that right. I have accepted you as my daughter, but you have helped and made my daughter escaped and did her kanyadaan. Deepu says what Meghna would have done when she was kicked out. She says for now Piyush needs her. Pankaj goes inside room. Pragya tries to drag her out. Madhuri cries.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : pragya swears to kick out deepu out of house. Meghna tells Rahul that she will not bear if anyone tells anything against her family. Deepu tries to climb on the bricks to open the gate and falls down.

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