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Dhhai Kilo Prem 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pankaj asking Madhuri to stop crying. Madhuri says we couldn’t get better bahu than Deepika. Pankaj says she has accused Pragya and says he didn’t understand how she can accuse him. Pragya comes and says my bhaiyya have taken good care of me, then why will I beg for dowry. She scolds Madhuri for insulting her and says you are doubting me. Madhuri says no, and says they are good people. Pragya says now we know their truth and says why I will ask for dowry. She asks Pankaj to slap their shagun stuff on their face. Pankaj asks Madhuri to keep the things which they gave and says he will send it tomorrow. Deepu gets emotional seeing ghunghat and the bangles. Rukmini asks Deepu to give the engagement ring. Deepu tries to take it out. Ragini cries. Rukmini is happy and takes the ring out hurting Deepu’s finger. Ring falls under the sofa. Rukmini takes out the ring from under the sofa and also gets the dowry list which is written by Pragya. She wraps the ring in the dowry list paper and tells Deepu that she will search groom for her.

Piyush hears Meghna and Tushar talking and gets an idea. He recalls Deepu’s words and thinks now he can do something. He brings Peon Shukla to Police station and tells that Ramakant have trapped Mishra ji. Kunal says I already talked to Shukla. Piyush says Shukla took bribe from Ramakant to trapped Mishra ji and tells about his conversation with Ramakant which he has recorded. He calls Ramakant in Shukla’s accent and asks for money. Ramakant says he has already given him 10000 Rs. for a lie, and says when he can kick Mishra ji from his job then he can make him vanish too. Kunal is shocked. Piyush asks Kunal where are those papers and tells that Ramakant asked for 9th class exam papers, but this is 6, 7, and 8th class papers, this means Mishra ji was not selling the exam paper. How can he sell the paper which he don’t have. Kunal asks Shukla to say truth. Shukla says Mishra ji is innocent and it was all Ramakant’s conspiracy. Kunal asks Constable to take his statement. He tells Piyush that he feels proud of his work and says you have done penance right. Piyush says I am not bad to play with someone’s respect.

Rukmini and Rahul come to Pankaj’s house and return the stuff. Pragya argues with Rukmini. Meghna and Rahul ask them not to fight. Rukmini gives ring to Pragya wrapped in the dowry list. Pragya keeps it in the aarti plate. Meghna and Rahul apologize to each other on behalf of their family. Rahul says if Deepu loves Piyush truly then nobody can separate them. Rukmini tells that guy’s family is coming to see her. Pankaj comes home. Pragya tells that they got stuff from deepu’s house and says she will get it checked by Kunal. Meghna tells that Rukmini said someone is coming to see her. Pragya tells that even Piyush will get good girl. Pragya gives ring paper in Pankaj’s hand and says they will use same ring for new bahu. Pankaj opens the paper and sees ring. He keeps paper down. Pragya picks it up and gives to Pankaj. Pankaj happens to read it and recalls Mishra ji’s words. He asks everyone to get ready in 5 mins, and also to call Piyush. Pragya asks if they have changed the ring.

Rukmini is talking on phone and says many calls are coming as marriage broke. She tells Ragini that people will blame Deepu. Mishra ji tells that he don’t care of people’s taunts. Ragini says what we will do now, and says we have a son too. Now how we will get Deepu married. Door bell rings. Rukmini opens the door and see Piyush and his family. She tries to stop them, but Pankaj walks inside. Taya ji asks what you people are doing here? And asks them to go. Mishra ji says it is not our sanskars to ask guest to leave and asks Sharma ji to sit. Pankaj apologizes to him and says he had to come for some reasons. Pankaj says Deepu has broken the marriage thinking my sister asked for dowry, but my sister refused. I was confused on whom to believe, but now I have proofs. He says Deepu said right. Pragya and Piyush get tensed. Deepu is teary eyes.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pankaj asks Pragya to apologize to Mishra ji infront of everyone. Pragya angrily apologizes to him. Deepu says since all misunderstandings are cleared, I want to ask Piyush if he wants to marry me. Piyush is tensed.

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