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Dhhai Kilo Prem 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with pankaj telling everyone that Deepika broke the marriage as she thought my sister demanded dowry, but Pragya said that she didn’t demand dowry. I have no proofs to find who is lying and who is saying truth. He says now I have proofs, whatever Deepika said was true. Pragya gets shocked and asks what proof did you get that you are thinking this girl is right and I am lying. Pankaj shows the dowry list and says I understood that this is your hand writing reading this. He throws the list on her face and apologizes to Mishra ji and says he didn’t know that his sister will stoop so low and ask for dowry. Everyone looks on. Pankaj says I have trusted you and refused to believed them without questioning you. He says this girl didn’t care about her marriage and raised her voice against dowry and refused to marry. Pragya says we will go home and talk. Pankaj says I have two daughters and I know that dowry ritual is wrong.

Rukmini says you gave dowry to Namrata. Namrata ssays Papa didn’t give any dowry and says you are saying as if you attended my marriage. She says my inlaws haven’t asked even a single penny from Papa. Pankaj says I will not give dowry for Meghna’s marriage and will not take dowry for Piyush’s wedding. He folds her hand. Mishra ji and Ragini looks on. Pankaj says it is good that you didn’t get marry, else you would have burden me with your demand and would have burn your bahu. Pragya looks at Piyush. Pankaj asks her to apologize to Mishra ji. Pragya apologizes to him angrily. Pankaj then asks her to apologize to Ragini and Deepika. Pragya apologizes. Deepika says you don’t need to apologize as you are elder to me. Pankaj says no, and asks her to apologize. Pragya apologize and looks angry.

Pankaj apologizes to Deepu and says I did a mistake by not trusting my daughter, but now I will do penance and will make you bahu of my house. He asks her to agree for marriage and says we will not get good bahu than you. Rukmini says we will fix her marriage somewhere else. Meghna and Namrata ask her to agree. Deepika refuses to marry and apologizes to Pankaj. She says my life is going through a tough phase now and says my papa’s job is gone now and he is involved in a case. She says she can’t think about marriage now and apologizes. Pankaj smiles and feels proud of her. He says your selflessness have won my heart. Meghna says I am so proud of you. Mishra ji says whenever I see you, my chest widens up. He says I can’t punish you for my mistakes and says case will take much time, and asks her not to delay her marriage.

Deepika says I know Ramakant is behind the conspiracy and I will not marry until he is exposed. Kunal comes and asks her to get ready for marriage, and says I have taken out Ramakant’s baraat. Everyone is surprised to see Kunal bringing Ramakant there. Kunal asks Ramakant to speak up else I will beat you. Ramakant says he wanted to take revenge from Deepu and Mishra ji and came to know that Mishra ji needs money. He says I know that Mishra ji will not sell exam papers and that’s why asked peon to give statement against him. Kunal asks him to apologize to him. Ramakant apologizes and taken by the police. Deepu hugs Mishra ji and says she knew that her Papa can’t sell papers. Kunal assures Mishra ji that he will send a copy of Ramakant’s statement to school trustee, so that he can get his job and lost respect. Mishra ji thanks him and says how to lower your favors.

Kunal says I was doing my duty and tells that real hero is Piyush. He says Piyush trusted Mishra ji’s honestly and caught Peon. Pragya is shocked and angry. Mishra ji thanks Piyush for helping him come out clean. Piyush says I did what was expected. He says someone asked me to support truth and I followed that. Pankaj says today even my chest have widen because of my son. Piyush gets happy and emotional. Pankaj says you have touched my heart today and hugs him. Piyush says I didn’t do anything new, just supported truth. Namrata says you are unique. Deepu says when all misunderstandings are cleared, I want to ask a question to Piyush. She asks will you marry me? Pankaj says his answer is yes. Piyush apologizes to Mishra ji and says I want to ask forgiveness from my heart. Pragya is much angry. Madhuri says we shall exchange the rings. Piyush and Deepu change the rings. Rang De song plays.

Rahul says it is a happy ending. Pankaj tells Taya ji that they will come with baraat. Madhuri asks Pragya to come. Ragini, Darshan and Rahul congratulates Deepu.

Back home, everyone is happy that marriage is fixed again. Namrata says Tayi ji is strange to call the guy’s family. Meghna asks what are the things to be done for the marriage functions. Madhuri says Bua knows all rituals. Pankaj says no and asks everyone to hear carefully. He says Pragya will not attend any marriage functions. Everyone is shocked. Madhuri says what you are saying, she is Piyush’s Bua. Pankaj says I am not done till now, and breaks his relation with her. Madhuri asks Piyush to forgive her and says she is your sister. Pankaj says you are taking her side, who has never talked to you nicely. I was ignoring it till now. He says you was always right and she was wrong. Pragya gets angry.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragya says let Deepika comes here, and promises to ruin Piyush and Deepika’s life.

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