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Dhhai Kilo Prem 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pankaj telling Mishra ji that the dance program is awesome. Madhuri asks about the girl. Rahul says she is his friend Ria Chopra, she is learning film making in London and making documentary on Indian weddings. Darshan and Tushar greet her and asks her to come as they will guide her. Rukmini asks piyush to remove her kurta so that they can apply haldi. Namrata says you have to take it off. Piyush asks her to apply haldi on his face. Rukmini asks him to remove shirt, else. She shouts asking girls to take his shirt off. Piyush gets shy and runs. Sarika and the girls run after him. Rukmini asks girls to search the groom. Piyush runs and gets inside Deepika’s room. Deepika asks what is he doing here? He says he is saving his respect. Everyone wants me to take off my kurta and says your Tai ji sent girls after me. Deepu says ok, but you can’t hide here, as I have to change clothes. Piyush tries to go and collides with Deepika. His chain gets stuck in her necklace. Rang De song plays….

Rukmini says may be he is inside. Sarika says Deepu is changing clothes. Deepu frees the chain and asks him to go. Deepu and Piyush sit for the haldi rasam. Rukmini says he is not ready to take his kurta. Piyush’s mum and sisters apply haldi to her. Madhuri says lets start Deepu’s haldi. Namrata says she forgot haldi bowl at home. Rukmini scolds her. Sarika says she will go and bring haldi. Deepu asks Madhuri to buy haldi from them. Rukmini says you can’t follow the rituals. Pragya comes there and tells that she brought haldi. She didn’t come here to trouble anyone. Deepu asks her to stay in the function. Pragya says my brother asked me to stay away from the functions. She says since I came here, I want to give something to my bahu. She shows the necklace which Pankaj threw on her face. Deepu asks Pankaj to permit Pragya attend the marriage for her, and says please stop her. She is elder to me and I shall respect her, etc. Pankaj is silent.

Pragya turns to go. Pankaj asks her to stay back and bless the kids. Madhuri asks her to stay. Deepu asks her to stay and says this necklace will be yours only. Pragya asks her to keep the necklace and says because of my greed, bad thing happened. She gives haldi bowl to Ragini and thinks to ruin Deepu and Piyush. Banna Re Banno plays…Ragini, Rukmini and others apply haldi to her. Namrata asks Sarika to wash her feet with the same water. Sarika thinks may be Piyush started liking Deepu. Ria asks Piyush why he is looking upset. Piyush says he is fine. Ria introduces herself and asks him to answer her questions to help her in the documentary. Piyush refuses, but Rahul, Tushar and Darshan ask him to answer. He agrees. Ria asks where do you get you perfect life partner. Piyush says perfect? Ria says you too are perfect for each other and says God made you both for each other. Piyush asks how do you know that we are made for each other. Ria says you both are cute and fat. Piyush is upset.

Ria says I mean perfect for each other, and says you must be perfect foodies too. She asks did you ever think that you shall marry a normal and slim girl. Rahul says my jiju is special and don’t think about it. Piyush says I am tired and is about to go. Ria says last question and asks whose weight is more. Piyush is upset and goes. Ria apologizes to Rahul. Piyush is walking out. His friends tease him and says he used to dream of Deepika padukone, but got Deepu. Ria tells Sarika that she needs Deepu and Piyush’s pics. Deepu refuses. Sarika says ofcourse. Piyush goes to room and cries, asking why? He recalls Pankaj’s taunts, his college friends taunts on his weight, calling him Saand, Gubbara, mote, hathi etc. He cries and thinks he can’t hear taunts on his weight, again and again since childhood. He decides not to marry Deepu.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rukmini tells the guests that when both mahabalis stood on the stage, it breaks and they fell down and laughs. Pragya tells Rukmini that she will ruin them once they marry. Piyush tells Amit that he will tell Deepika that he don’t want to marry her.

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