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Dhhai Kilo Prem 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rahul telling that they shall take a selfie as a memory of marriage and says he will post it. Meghna says if Babu ji comes to know that Bhabhi attended the wedding then he might break relation with her also and asks Rahul not to post the pic. Deepu says I am sister and sister in law also and says one day your love will convince everyone. Rahul says I love you Didi. Deepu asks him to take care of Meghna.

Pragya asks Namrata to call everyone and says she is making tea. She says Meghna is marrying there, why we shall risk our health. Namrata calls everyone. She asks Piyush to call Deepu. Piyush says she is not in room. Tushar says she is not in meghna’s room also. Pragya asks where did she go, if she went for marriage. Madhuri says he barred everyone from attending the marriage. Pragya asks ifs he is stopped at anytime. Tushar says she might have went for some other work. Piyush checks for bangles in the room and finds it missing. Pankaj comes and asks why you are shouting. Pragya tells him everything. Piyush comes and says Deepika went to marriage only. Pragya gets happy and starts acting, saying everyone is worried and this maharani is having laddoos of marriage. Tushar says she might have went to her mummy papa’s house or to Sarika’s house. He goes to check. Pragya thinks this is last day of moti maharani.

At Sarika’s workplace, someone asks her to wear the dress for the shoot. Guru comes there and says you will not wear such clothes. That man comes and asks who is he? Sarika says he is a street goon. Man says he knows how to handle the goons and talks about women respect. Guru beats the man. He calls security. Guru beats him too and shows the watch in which spy camera is fixed. He says they would have made your film while you were changing clothes. Sarika is in shocked.

Deepu comes home. Pankaj asks where did she go? Deepu says she went to Rahul and Meghna’s wedding. Pankaj and others are shocked. Pragya scolds her. Piyush asks why did you go there when Babu ji said that nobody will talk to her. She says she didn’t talk to her. Namrata says why did you go there. Deepu says Meghna is daughter of this house, and some elder should attend the wedding. Namrata says everyone knows that she is our daughter. Kunal asks them to let her say why she went. Namrata says it is our family matter and asks him not to interfere. Kunal is shocked. Namrata says Meghna is my sister also, I wanted to go also, but.

Deepu asks why didn’t you go then. She says Meghna did a mistake, we shall have made her understand, scold her, but can’t leave her. She did mistake and apologized, but nobody listened to her or understood her, that’s why she took this step. She says Meghna was hopeful that her mum and brother will come. She says she went to give the bangles which Piyush got made for her, she went to give the chunari which Mummy ji got made for her. Madhuri says you gave that chunari without asking me. She says Pankaj said that if anyone goes there then shall not return. She asks why did you come. Piyush says you did wrong. Deepu says she don’t think she did wrong by doing her kanyadaan. Pankaj says she was my daughter and this is my house and I decide what is wrong and right. Deepu says you are angry now and says decisions taken angrily is not right. Everyone listens to you being afraid of you and not because you are right. If anyone tries to suppress the children’s breath then they will go against the parents. Madhuri says Pankaj have always thought about children’s betterment. Pragya says she has forgotten elders’ respect.

Deepu says she is keeping her talks infront of all. Pankaj says you are raising doubt on my upbringing and says now he has a doubt on her upbringing. You are also doing like your brother, talks sweet and then attacks like your brother. Deepu says no, and tells that you couldn’t understand being angry. Piyush asks who are you to give certificate of right and wrong. Deepu says I am bahu of the house, Meghna is my sister also, I went as they are right. She says you all have supported me knowing Piyush don’t love me, as you saw my true love for him and knows that I will win his heart with my true love. She says what you all have done with me, I have done the same now. Pankaj says we have done a big mistake by supporting you. We have done a big mistake by making her bahu of the house, you have gone against my decision and must have known the punishment for this. From today our relation is finished, now this girl is not part of this house. Everyone is shocked. Pragya smiles. Pankaj says if anyone want to support her then that person also will not be part of our house, his relation will end with us. Piyush is shocked. Deepu cries looking at Piyush. He lowers his eyes.

Deepu folds her hands, thanks everyone for making her bahu, giving her love and respect. I was in the marriage after knowing Piyush don’t love me, I had decided not to return in the house on pagphera day, but I have realized that the happiness is to be in relation and not to lose it. I have returned so that I don’t lose you all. What I am doing here, when you are breaking relation with me, I will go from here and pray that you will understand why did I do this. Whatever I have done is for this house betterment, I will leave the house. Pankaj gets up and goes inside the house. Madhuri also goes to her room. Namrata holds Kunal’s hand and takes him to room. Tushar tries to go to Deepu. Pragya stops him. She thinks Piyush wanted to get rid of you, and now everyone also wants you to leave, my revenge is completed today. Piyush looks at Deepu. Deepu goes to room to take her things.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rahul and Meghna comes to Mishra ji’s house. Rahul tells that they got married. Rukmini refuses to accept Meghna and tries to beat her.

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