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Dhhai Kilo Prem 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush deciding not to marry Deepika. Meghna calls him. He says he will come after freshening up. He comes to hall. Madhuri asks him to go on stage. He goes and stands with Deepu. Ria takes their pics. Deepu stands closely with him and the stage breaks and they fall down. Rukmini laughs while everyone is shocked. Deepu asks if you are fine. Piyush says yes. Rukmini tells the guest that two mahabalis stood on the stage and it broke down. She shows the video. Pragya smiles. Rukmini provokes Pragya against her. Pragya says they have insulted me badly and says let this marriage happen once, then I will cut their feathers and made their pigeon black. She says let her come to her sasural, I will blowoff diyas in their life. Rukmini says I can’t understand what you are saying? Pragya asks him to stop her mind and do as she says, and asks her not to do anything till marriage. Rahul comes and asks Rukmini to come. Pragya says I hope you understood what I said.

Amit comes and asks Piyush to have wine. Piyush says no. Amit tells him that they have become joke in friends group and shows the video in which the stage broke down. He reads the bad comments. Amit says now I understood why did you refuse for marry her. Piyush scolds Amit for asking him to marry Deepu and says he will call Deepu and refuse for marriage. Pragya hears him and is shocked.

Mishra ji gives Ragini’s jewellery to her and asks her to wear in her marriage. Deepu asks about her Nani’s necklace and asks Ragini to wear it. Taya ji asks Rukmini to bring that necklace. Rukmini refuses to bring and says she has bought the necklace at double price and refuses to give. Deepu asks her to take something from her jewellery. Rukmini agrees. Mishra ji asks Rukmini to take her money. Taya ji gets up and slaps Rukmini hard for eyeing Deepu’s jewellery and says don’t forget that you have a son. Everyone is shocked. Taya ji says I am bearing you since many days and asks her to have some shame. He asks her to go and bring the necklace. Deepu says you shouldn’t have slapped her. Rukmini brings necklace and throws on floor. Taya ji says if you do any drama then our marriage will end. Rukmini fumes in anger. Mishra ji tries to calm down Taya ji.

Pragya thinks to call Rukmini and ask for her help. Just then she gets Rukmini’s call and laughs, asks if everything is fine. Rukmini tells that she got slapped by her husband and says she will make Deepu and her husband fight. Pragya gets happy and says we will ruin them. She says for now, we shall let the marriage happen. She says Piyush wants to tell Deepu that he don’t want to marry her..and says they have to stop them from talking. Pragya looks in Piyush’s room and thinks they are 1+1=11. Pragya looks at Deepu and says two enemies have united. Pragya comes to Piyush’s room and steals his phone. Meghna and Tushar come there. Pragya asks her to get ready. Piyush comes and asks Pragya what she is doing here? She says she came to check if Meghna is ready and goes.

Rukmini acts to be normal. Ragini tells her that all men of the house will stay in Sharma house and all ladies will be here. Rukmini calls Pragya and tells her that Piyush can’t come here now. Piyush comes to Pragya and asks if she saw his phone. He takes her phone forcibly and dials on his number. He finds his phone on Pragya’s bed and asks her to go and calls deepu. Pragya asks Rukmini to go and stop Deepu from talking to Piyush. She comes to Deepu’s room and tries to get her phone. Deepu comes just then and says she will pick her call. Rukmini drops something on her leg and pretends to be hurt. Deepu goes to bring ointment for her. Rukmini calls Pragya and informs her that she has switched off Deepu’s phone. Deepu comes back and gives ointment to her. Rukmini says she will apply. Deepu goes. Piyush leaves message on her phone that he don’t love her and don’t wish to marry her.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarika tells Deepu that there is Piyush’s message on her phone and asks shall I read? Madhuri calls Piyush and asks what did you send message to Deepu. Piyush says he was telling her about her feelings.