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Dhhai Kilo Prem 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written update of Dhhai Kilo Prem 25th May 2017 on

The Episode starts with Piyush asking Deepu why is she crying? Deepu says there is much salt in paneer gravy. Piyush asks her to stop crying and asks her not to cry. He says everyone will tell our love story as namak ishq ka. Deepu says I am tensed and you are joking. Piyush says it was a joke. He says Bau ji is about to take the paneer dish and asks her not to worry. Mishra ji says today is Deepika’s test. Taya ji says she is like me and can never fail. Piyush thinks Deepu will forget cooking if Pankaj slaps her. Deepu prays to Mata Rani and asks her to handle everything. Piyush thinks she is on leave today, now nothing can happen. Pankaj tastes paneer dish. Everyone waits for his reaction. Pankaj smiles and applauds for Deepu for making delicious food and says you have taste in your hand.

He says well done and laughs. Piyush is shocked and signs Amit. Amit nods no. Deepu goes to him and touches his feet. Pankaj blesses her and gives her envelope as shagun. He says if you don’t make food like this after marriage then I will not move back to pull your ears. Piyush scolds Amit. Amit says I added all box of salt. Deepu tells Sarika that God saved them. Sarika asks her to enjoy the function. Deepu thanks Piyush for supporting them. Pankaj asks everyone to have food.

Pragya Bua have the paneer dish and spits it. She asks if salt box is poured in the dish and says it is so bitter. Madhuri says he said that it is good. Ragini says may be salt came in your bowl. Rukmini asks everyone not to eat this. Pragya Bua insults Ragini for not teaching her cooking. Rukmini says you are ruining your own respect. Ragini is upset. Everyone gets up. Deepu folds her hands and asks guests not to leave without having food. She says I am talking with full respect, please. Pankaj gets up and asks to whom you are stopping bahu. He says they will eat and leave from here. He says this girl have made food for everyone on her roka ceremony day, can’t you see this. He says can’t you see her strength, respect for the guests. Rukmini says we can’t eat fly seeing it. Taya ji says I am eating fly without complain. Pankaj says Deepu have fulfilled all duties of a woman and says I will bless her and will do all rituals of roka. He says whoever agrees with me, please sit and have food.

All guests sit and have food. Madhuri thinks as Pankaj blessed her, Deepika will become her bahu. Deepu makes piyush have food with her hand. Piyush is upset. Namrata and Meghna compliment Deepu for her cooking. She says we have wasted money in catering for my wedding. Rukmini asks Namrata if her husband don’t have food in her sasural or any argument. Namrata asks her not to worry and enjoy the function. Meghna says he is a police officer and went for urgent work. Rukmini asks why didn’t you tell him then about the theft and says she heard that thieves and inspector have with each other. Kunal comes there and says he don’t agree with her. He brings the thieves and tells that they have stolen Mishra ji’s money, and shows the bag which have the money. He asks him to come to Police station and get his money. Mishra ji says ok.

Taya ji asks Rukmini to identify the thief. Rukmini says he kept knife on my neck. Taya ji asks her to keep knife on his neck this time. Rukmini says you are teasing me. Namrata says this is my Mister and asks her to meet him. Kunal says arrangements are good and says we would have kept roka at home. Pankaj says we came to know after coming here. Kunal says I told Piyush to tell you. Piyush says I was about to tell Bau ji, but we already left from home, and Deepu have done all arrangements. Deepu says you have done right. Kunal looks angrily. Piyush says I like Deepu’s food. He asks her to serve food to Piyush. Sarika asks Deepu to go and dance with Piyush. Namrata asks Pankaj to tell Deepu to dance. Pankaj says just as everyone wish. Sarika asks her to dance. Deepu dances on the song Jag ghoomeya…..Meghna takes him to dance floor. He stands in the centre while Deepu dances with him. Everyone claps for them.

Pankaj praises the arrangements and asks Mishra ji to tell him if there is any problem. Madhuri asks Pankaj to tell him. Pankaj invites them for dinner and says we will fix marriage date etc. Mishra ji says we can’t have food at girl’s house. Pankaj says I thought you are a modern man. Kunal says I have an idea and says we shall have food outside. Piyush looks at Sarika and says if any friend can help them to make food. Deepu says Sarika will cook food. Kunal understands Piyush’s plan and says no, and says they shall ask her first. Deepu says she is a family and will make. Mishra ji says ok, we will come.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush tells Sarika that he thought her refusal as no as he thinks there is still chances. Sarika is shocked. Pragya bua hears him and gets shocked.

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