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Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sarika bringing sherbet for everyone. Ragini tells Sarika that Deepu promised without asking you. Sarika says its ok between best friends. Piyush thinks of Sarika’s words and goes to her. He tells her that hi and asks her to listen to him. He thanks her for today. Sarika says I can do anything for Deepu. Piyush says sorry. Sarika asks why? He says I am clear hearted guy and if anyone refuses, I think it is no. He says now I understood that even you loves me, but couldn’t understand. Sarika asks him not to talk all this thing. He says he asked them to make you make food so that she can understand how much he loves her and how much she loves him. Pragya Bua shouts Piyush. Everyone is shocked. Pragya Bua says this is a big Kand. Madhuri and Namrata ask what happened? Pankaj asks what wrong did he do? Piyush tells that he doesn’t know. Pankaj tells that her ear plug have fallen. Madhuri finds it. Pragya Bua scolds her. Pankaj asks why you are shouting at her. Pragya Bua says she talks with her sweetly. Pankaj says lets leave now.

Deepu tells Sarika that she knows that she will handle everything and hugs her. Sarika is tensed. Darshu tells that roka ceremony was tiring. Ragini asks Deepu not to work again during her marriage functions. Deepu asks them to see her bangles and says it is pretty. Tai ji tells that it is an old bangles. Deepu tells that Namrata gave those bangles to her without a single thought and asks her not to make issue. Taya ji says she is right.

Sarika is restless in the night. Deepu asks her to tell what happened? Sarika tells her that she don’t think that she can handle to make dinner at her house. Deepu asks what happened? Sarika says Piyush. She thinks about Madhuri’s request and tells that she don’t know about their taste. Deepu tells that she will call Piyush and enquire. She asks did you see how Pankaj took our side, and tells that everything will be fine. Sarika smiles and gets teary eyes. Deepu says this girl takes tension and asks her to smile.

Piyush tells Kunal that he can’t marry fatty Deepu. Kunal tells him that Sarika don’t love him, but Deepu loves him and is really a nice girl. Piyush says I don’t like Deepu. Kunal says if Deepu’s life gets ruined because of you, then I will get you behind bars on the charges of teasing a girl and make Sarika as a witness. Piyush says you will get against me. Kunal says I have understood your plan, you didn’t tell anyone about the theft at Deepu’s house, so that they fail to do arrangements and Babu ji breaks the alliance. Piyush says when I don’t love her. Kunal says everyone saw you how much she loves you, but you are blind and couldn’t see anything except her weight. He asks him to think about Madhuri. Piyush says I will not refuse for this marriage, but will not let this marriage happen also. Kunal says I will see how you stops this marriage.

Deepu and Ragini see Rukmini making breakfast for everyone. Deepu says we will make. Mishra ji says it seems Deepu’s words are working on her. Deepu says did she put poison in it. Rukmini tells Mishra ji that they have to give nek to groom today. Mishra says yesterday we gave nek. Rukmini says we will handle. Ragini says we will get money because of his damad. He tells that he will return to taya ji after getting money. Taya ji says he will slap him. Rukmini says he wants to get his daughter marry with his money and asks him to return money.

Piyush looks at Sarika’s pic and thinks he will make her realize his love today. She asks where are you going? Piyush says he is going to meet sir. Namrata tells that Kunal will drop you. Piyush says he will go. Kunal asks where is he going and asks him not to think of meeting Sarika and tells that he will make constable stay outside her house, and will call her often. Piyush gets tensed. Deepu calls Piyush and asks him to come to Sarika’s house Piyush says he can’t come as his jiju will not allow. Deepu asks him to come and help. Kunal thinks Amit is on call and scolds him. Deepu tells that she wants Piyush to come there. Kunal says ok, I will send. He tells Piyush that he has his eyes on her. Mishra ji and Ragini put the money in the envelopes, and kept in the inhouse temple. Mishra ji asks her to put 5100 in Kunal’s envelope as damad shall be respected. Rukmini eyes the envelopes.

Dhhai Kilo Prem 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rukmini steals 4600 money from Kunal’s envelope and keeps just 500. Sarika tells Piyush that her name shall not come inbetween his and Deepu’s alliance.

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