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Dhhai Kilo Prem 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with the ladies catching Piyush, Kunal and others wearing saree. Madhuri asks Pankaj if he was involved in their plan. Pankaj says he just supported him. Sarika says now you all have to write your wife’s names on your hand. Piyush refuses. Madhuri writes Deepika on Piyush’s hand. Rahul asks Meghna to write “M” on his hand. Rukmini says he is talking about her. Rukmini stops Piyush from meeting Deepu. Mishra ji asks her to let him meet Deepu and seeks pankaj’s approval. Sarika takes Piyush to Deepu’s room. Deepu asks Piyush to wait for sometime. Piyush says I need to talk to you. Deepu says it was embarrassing to read his message and says he is looking cute. She asks him to wait. Piyush asks her to listen and gets fed up of her words. He ruins his mehendi, but her name is already on his hand. He takes off his locket and tells Deepu that he can’t keep her locket. Sarika comes and takes Deepu from there. Piyush is upset.

Pragya comes there with kinnars. Everyone is happy to hear the dhol. Pragya thinks she has to make sure that Piyush don’t talk to Deepu. Kinnars asks for nek. Pankaj asks them to bless the couple. They bless Piyush and Deepu. Rukmini says he can’t wait to meet her. Kinnars bless them. Madhuri says we want them to be happy. Pankaj and Mishra ji give them nek. They leave. Rukmini says it is good that you brought kinnars with them, else don’t know what had happened.

Madhuri gives her ancestral jewellery to Deepu. Ragini tells that their dream is going to be fulfill.

At pankaj’s house, Kishore comes and tells Pankaj that Owner came to take rent. Tushar asks Piyush if he forgot. Piyush gets up and says sorry. He says he forgot because of functions. Pankaj asks him to have food and talks softly. He goes to bring cheque. Piyush is surprised.

Deepu comes home and tells Madhuri that Pankaj called her. Madhuri says who calls bahu one day before marriage. Pankaj says he needs to talk to her and that’s why called her. Pankaj tells that she can’t see Piyush’s face prior to marriage. Madhuri calls Piyush there. Pankaj asks him to stand there itself and says you can’t see her face. He tells deepu that when she will come tomorrow, then she will come as Piyush’s wife and their bahu, and he is happy that she is marry Piyush. Deepu smiles. Pankaj says I am really proud of Piyush because of you and your family. Piyush gets emotional. Pankaj says I have always scolded him, but today I am very proud. Deepu says I have always seen him helping others and love for everyone. He is really a nice man.

Pankaj says you are saying truth and thanks her from his heart folding his hand. He says piyush might be good since beginning, but because of you, my perception have changed towards him. He says we will welcome you tomorrow. Deepu promises to be good bahu. Amit comes and asks did you call me. Pankaj asks him to drop Deepu home. They leave. Pragya is angry. Pankaj tells Piyush that he will have house responsibility too and says now I am relieved. He tells Piyush that he is lucky to get Deepu and asks him to run his family life together with him. Piyush gets teary eyes and touches his feet. Pankaj says we can hug. Piyush hugs him and cries happily. Madhuri is emotional. Pragya gets angry and thinks she will wipe Pankaj’s love shower and thinks everyone will hate him when his truth is out.


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